Summary: Spock finds Jim's pudginess eminently logical--and useful.
With smirking apologies to Spinal Tap. Kirk's dial, we all know, definitely goes to eleven.

Big Bottom

NC-17 Kirk/Spock fat fetish fic by Farfalla
Beta: Hypatia, the lemon zest in my mango smoothie

Jim's body curves in all the right places, thought Spock to himself as he observed his bondmate, clad in the white shirt of his uniform and a pair of boxers, sitting up in bed reading Treasure Island.

Then Spock reconsidered his statement, logic taking over as usual. First of all, the sentence sounded as if it referred to a woman--and Jim Kirk was definitely no woman. Spock didn't want him to be one! He loved Jim's soothing tenor voice, Jim's unique manly scent and taste, and Jim's quite fondleable penis. Second of all, Spock had no doubt that the main reason he loved Jim's body so much was simply because he loved Jim so much. However, he also loved to be precise and to understand himself, so he decided to reason out exactly what were those 'right places' about Jim that turned his ear-tips green.

What Spock noticed first during his visual inspection was Jim's stomach. It was not unhealthily large; he was fit enough to fulfill his often strenuous duties as captain of the Enterprise-A. The bulge of middle age had merely settled comfortably around Jim's abdomen, resulting in a general softness and cushion to their embrace that Spock, with his own bony body, very much appreciated. It was almost as if Jim's layer of fat protected Spock from his own boniness.

Spock knew that, on Earth, to rub the belly of a Buddha statue was supposed to bring one luck. His own truth revealed that rubbing Jim's belly could indeed bring about luck of at least one variety.

From the stomach, Spock's eyes moved upwards to Jim's nipples. Here, without his vest and jacket in place to hide it, it was evident that Jim's body possessed a bit of extra fluff in the pectoral department. Spock did not want to call the extra pillowing 'breasts'. They were merely decorations for Jim's nipples, which had begun to harden under Spock's scrutiny. They poked through the fabric most deliciously, and Spock plotted his next move. He knew that Jim felt the attention and was waiting to be propositioned. Jim seemed to get more pleasure out of sex when it was Spock's idea first.

Spock approached the bed and placed his hand on Jim's shoulder. Jim closed the book, and his eyes, and smiled. "Mmmm... Shiver me timbers."

"I shall endeavor to do so," said Spock, squeezing Jim's shoulder and upper arm. His fingers crept across Jim's chest and stroked one nipple through the shirt. As it became fully hard, Spock rolled it between his fingers and flicked it with his thumb.

Jim put the book on the bedside table and lay back to enjoy being fussed over. He opened his legs and Spock saw the head of his penis poking through the thigh of his boxers as it hardened.

Spock bent over to press his gums against the tough little nipple. He delicately chewed until he had Jim wriggling, and then withdrew on account of the dryness of the shirt material. He looked down upon the damp spot and was pleased to see that the moisture of his mouth had rendered the cloth translucent, leaving Jim's perky nipple even more visible.

Jim looked up at him, eyes half-aroused, half-amused. "I guess I should take off my shirt," he commented, not moving a single muscle to do so.

Spock practically ripped off Jim's shirt and shorts--which was exactly what Jim had wanted.

Five minutes, some breathless kissing, and two dollops of lube later, Spock knelt behind Jim on the bed. He nudged against him hesitantly, as if he intended to take him slowly. Then, without warning, he thrust deeply and suddenly, all the way into Jim's warm body. Jim cried out with an ecstatic groan and liquefied against the bedsheets, his brain temporarily replaced by his prostate.

Jim, still gasping, managed to pick himself back up onto his elbows and knees, his ass in the air. As Spock drove into it again and again, he was reminded that it was yet another curvaceous area of Jim's body he found particularly delectable. It was this generous abundance of flesh that allowed him to fuck Jim as hard as Jim liked it, with no injury to Spock's own pelvic area. With such an appealing layer of padding to absorb the impact of his thrust, Spock was free to indulge his demanding bondmate. He gave Jim's rump a thankful squeeze as he continued to thrust, each moment of contact between their bodies sending waves of force rippling through Jim's hanging belly.

Yes, Jim's fat was a most logical feature on a lover...

Spock gripped Jim's belly with one hand, Jim's firm penis with the other, and led his bondmate to a mutually satisfying orgasm.

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