my cup runneth over

Kirk/Spock by Farfalla the Butterfly-Kitten
blueberrysnail (at) yahoo dot com
Part of the AAK/SA Kirk/Spock BubbleFest.
Kirk attempts to celebrate his and Spock's anniversary with a bit of bubbly.

"Ah, Captain Kirk!" Scotty held up his hand and smiled in greeting as the captain of the ship entered the transporter room. "The mail shuttle's just finished beamin' over her cargo."

"Is everything accounted for?" Kirk scanned the transporter pad, then headed towards two small packages resting near the edge.

"Down to the last shoebox," Scott proclaimed proudly. "Did your, uh, things arrive safely?"

Kirk bent down to pick up his items. "It looks like it," he said slowly, "but... I'd better make sure." Holding the softer of the packages under one arm, he carefully unwrapped the other.

Light glinted wickedly from the shining purple bottle he lifted from the packaging. "Champagne--luckily, undamaged."

"Is that for your anniversary wi' Mr. Spock?" Scott wanted to know.

"Yes, both these things are." Kirk smiled as he waved around the bottle and the other package. "There's a Vulcan robe in here--navy blue."

"Sounds like you'll have a nice evening." Scott grinned. Then, looking around furtively to make sure none of the younger engineers were around, he added, "Is that champagne any good? I hafta confess, I do like the stuff, even though everythin' else I drink is ten times harder. I haven't had any in years..." He looked at the purple bottle wistfully.

"Would you like a taste, Scotty?" Kirk offered warmly.

Scott looked horrified. "But, Captain Kirk! That's for your anniversary!"

"Believe me, we're not going to drink more than two glasses between us," Kirk reassured him. "A little taste won't take much."

"Thank ye so much, Captain!"

Scott found two coffee mugs in a supply cabinet, but Kirk held up his hand and explained that he'd rather wait until later. He unwrapped the Vulcan robe while Scott had his sample of the champagne, and then reclaimed the bottle. "Ah," said Scott with a satisfied smile. "It's so hard to get good stuff like this out here in space. I bet this bottle is the furthest champagne from Earth!"

Kirk chuckled. "I bet so, too, Scotty. See you later." He headed off towards Sickbay, to spend a few minutes chatting with Dr. McCoy.

The doctor looked up from his work when he heard Kirk enter. "That for me?" He gestured wryly at the champagne bottle.

"Only if you can deal with my morning breath," Kirk quipped.

"I didn't know Spock liked champagne."

"He's been... reading up on all kinds of wine-making lately." Kirk shrugged. "Some new scientific hobby of his. He'll never run out of them, and I enjoy that, because he teaches me."

"And that's why you love him."

"One of the reasons." Kirk grinned and held the bottle out to McCoy. "Here, want a taste? It's a big bottle, and like Mr. Scott said, it's hard to get champagne out here in space."

"I thought Scotty had a still in engineering."

"You don't make champagne in a still."

"Smart-ass," growled McCoy. "Yeah, sure, I'll try some. Thanks."

After McCoy had his taste, and had seen the Vulcan robe (at which he'd made faces and declared that he was glad he didn't have to wear them), Kirk left Sickbay and trotted off down the hallway to catch a quick bite at the mess.

He noticed Uhura was dining alone, so he filled the empty place in front of her with his tray. "I like it when Pavel and I trade off," he joked. "While he has the conn, I get to have dinner with the loveliest woman on board."

Uhura raised both eyebrows at him. "You've been giving me that line for twenty-five years, Jim."

"Still true," he said cheerfully, placing the robe and the bottle on the table next to his food.

Uhura gave the bottle a strange look. "What's that? I've never seen you bring wine into the mess hall before."

"I had a bottle of champagne added to my mail shipment from the shuttle," Kirk explained. "It's for Spock and me."


"Hah-hah-hah." He waggled his head back at her teasing expression.

"So that's why I'm always the loveliest 'woman' on board," she kidded him.

"Something like that."

"That the rest of the present?" She pointed at the robe. "Can I see?"

Kirk held out his hand in a permissive gesture, and she took the robe. "Wow," she breathed as she unfurled it to the side of her chair. "Gorgeous! I'd love to see him in it."

"Give another recital, and I'll see what I can do."

Uhura picked up the champagne bottle and read the label. "This sounds like a good brand," she commented.

"Would you like to try some? The bottle's already open."

"Sure! Why not. Thanks!" She held out her empty glass for him to fill.

After dinner, it was finally time to collect Spock from the science lab and begin the evening's intimate festivities. He smiled to himself in the hallway, marveling over how even after more than two decades, the thought of soon being alone with Spock made his step lighter than air.

While crossing one of the corridors, he encountered three crewmembers talking excitedly. Two were patting a third on the back, and they all looked very happy. "Oh, hello, Captain," they said when they saw Kirk, or individual variations thereof.

"Good evening, crewmen!" said Kirk genially. "What's the celebration?"

"Duncan's daughter's having a baby!" said one of the men. "He just got the message on subspace. He's gonna be a grandfather!"

In the center of the hubbub, Lieutenant Duncan beamed proudly. "She was rosy as an apple in that message, my little girl was."

Kirk held out the bottle of champagne. "This calls for a toast, gentlemen!"

"Thank you, Captain!" said the men. Someone found disposable cups from a nearby rec room, and they all toasted Duncan, Duncan's daughter, and the new life growing inside of her.

Kirk bid them goodbye with a warm smile and continued his walk to the lab where Spock was working. He noticed that the bottle felt considerably lighter than it had earlier in the evening, and started adding up volumes in his head.

With a sinking feeling in his stomach, he uncorked the bottle and peered inside.

Three small drops of liquid clung to the inside of the bottle, three woefully lonely and woefully small drops.

Kirk stopped dead in his tracks. Well, of all the stupid--

No matter. He still had the Vulcan robe, and that was the main present, anyway. Cursing himself for his own mixed-up priorities, he tossed the bottle into a nearby recycler before passing through the door to Spock's lab. "Happy Anniversary, Spock!" he called as he entered, holding out the robe.

Spock greeted him at the doorway holding two fluted glasses. "Happy Anniversary, Jim."

Jim stared at the glasses, astonished. Inside them, a familiar golden liquid bubbled delicately. "What's that?"

"I have created my own, as you would call it, 'micro-brew'," Spock explained. "As you know, I have been very interested in the science of wine-making lately."

"Micro-brew? That looks like champagne."

"I believe that is closer to its intention."

Jim took the glass that Spock held to him. "This smells wonderful!" He was still staring at the drink, and at Spock, with grateful and astonished eyes.

Spock took the robe from him and caressed the fabric admiringly. "I am quite pleased with my present, Jim. Thank you. I shall try it on once we return to private quarters." He placed the robe on a nearby countertop.

Then, looking deeply into each other's eyes, they held their glasses high. "To us," said Jim. "To love, to loyalty, and to friendship."

"To us," said Spock. "To what we have been, and what we are."

"...and," Jim added before drinking, "to champagne!"