Note: This was written inside a comic book shop filled with teenage boys.
Summary: The missing K/S sex scene towards the end of "The Undiscovered Country"

Kirk/Spock vignette; rated R
beta-read by Hypatia Kosh


(Flux Æterna III)

by Farfalla the Butterfly-Kitten
blueberrysnail @

"C'mon. I need you."

He needed him as he had always needed him, and as he always would. Even if 'always' ended two hours from now during the inevitable battle with Chang's cloaked ship, they would have this moment together, a final renewal of passion before an uncertain fate.

They still wore their uniforms, Spock stripped down to his white turtleneck, Kirk still shining in cardinal red. Time was, at this juncture, too precious to waste on disrobing.

They tumbled together on the simple Starfleet bunk. Kirk held the sturdy Vulcan close, urging the union of their bodies with the pushing of his hands and hips. They had made mistakes, disastrous mistakes--in turn, they had misjudged both Valeris and Gorkon greatly. But now they had faced the magnitude of their personal prejudices and reclaimed the intimacy that had been theirs for more than two decades. They coupled now in a reaffirmation of that trust, and in deference to their shared ignorance of the future.

He kissed him like it was the first time, with all of the hunger of young lust and the wonder and eagerness with which one met an unexplored lover. He kissed him like it was the last time, seizing his lifemate with a desperate grasp and grinding against him as if he wanted their bodies to literally join, to prevent the separation the final battle might easily bring.

Somewhere within the encounter, they seeped into each other's minds without a deliberate meld, simply from the intensity of their full-body contact. "I'm sorry--I love you--always yours--" echoed between them with such diffusion that neither man could discern who was saying what. When they climaxed, wrapped into each other tightly, inseparably, the mental blast was so strong that they almost didn't feel the physical effects.

They uncoiled from each other and quickly fixed their uniforms in silence. A simple touch of the fingers, and they headed for the bridge. Chang's ship couldn't be far off, and the fate of the galaxy was at stake. Would they meet him in time, and find a way to defeat this new military technology, the ship that could fire while cloaked? Or would they be destroyed in the encounter, the Federation's carefully constructed peace along with them?

Captain Kirk and Captain Spock took their stations on the bridge of the Enterprise-A, warmed from the afterglow of their eleventh-hour lovemaking. One hour more, and they would meet their fate--whether it be midnight or noon.