Title: Deadly Memories
Author: Farfalla the Butterfly-Kitten
Email: blueberrysnail (at) yahoo dot com
Website: Farfalla's Kirk/Spock happyplace
Characters: Valeris, K/S implied
Rating: R, a little squicky in a typically Farfallian way
Beta: Johann Sebastian Bach. Just kidding. My beta was Hypatia. Big shocker, huh?
Summary: What was REALLY behind Valeris's scream when Spock was mind-probing her in Movie Six

Deadly Memories

"Names, Lieutenant!"

"I do not remember." Valeris spoke with a careful, smug precision, and then, as they had turned their back on Starfleet's original purpose to protect the Federation from cultures like the Klingons, she turned her back to the Enterprise crew.

"A lie?" That was Spock's voice.

"A choice."

Now what?

"Spock," Kirk ordered softly. He did not even have to specify what he meant. They were of one mind.

Spock approached Valeris and seized her by the arm. Horrified by the betrayal of his Vulcan morals that she knew he was about to commit, she froze for a moment before attempting to back away. It was for naught--he was much stronger. And she was captivated, as ever, by the command of his calm presence.

With a steady hand on her forehead, he entered her mind. With the strength of his anger behind him, the intrusion was as unpreventable as the entrance of air through an open doorway, but she struggled against him anyway. Nevertheless, he probed her mind, causing her to utter names she'd sworn to protect.

"Admiral... Cartwright.... General... Chang... Romulan... ambassador..."

"Where is the peace conference?"

Spock continued to search her mind, sifting through her memories, but she withstood the probing with resolution--at least this was a question she could not answer. Her failure to the cause would not be a complete one.

She waited for Spock to withdraw from her mind, since there was nothing further he could glean from her. But then Kirk asked again, "Where is the peace conference?", this time with more fury, and Spock reacted.

Throwing down all his own mental shields and protections, he dove like a warrior into her consciousness. She fought him, attempted to block him, and attacked his mind in retaliation. Their memories mingled as he viciously searched her thoughts.

A scene from his recent past assaulted her senses, vivid as if it were happening anew.

She saw the lower half of a man's body, from the back. The man was overweight, a human trait to which her Vulcan sensibilities had not yet become accustomed to entirely, and he was nearly naked. His large, flabby buttocks were barely concealed by a small piece of black underwear--and what was that between them? A round shape, which she would later realize was a butt-plug, protruded from the material slightly.

The man began to turn around. The tiny black underwear covered his genitals just as insufficiently as they covered his rear. One of his testicles was halfway visible from the side of the crotch, and his overflowing belly covered the waistband entirely. He was in an obvious state of arousal, tenting the underwear to further immodesty.

There was something smeared across his stomach--was that whipped cream? It was only when she noticed the whipped cream dolloped across each of his nipples that she realized that the smears represented a face. Eyes, mouth--and the navel for a nose.

Then she realized she was looking at the nearly-nude body of Captain Kirk, and she began to scream.

Her agonized cries grew louder as Kirk walked forward in the memory, various body parts jiggling unnervingly. "Spock! It's... time for dessert!" said the apparition with a lascivious smile on its face.

Valeris shrieked in horror, and Spock withdrew from the shaking woman. "She does not know," he said in a broken voice.