R-rated K/S by Farfalla

I'm Dreaming

Gentle touches pierced Kirk's slumber. Lying on his back in comfortable repose, he could not tell if they were real or creations of his subconscious.

Spock ran his hands roughly down Kirk's naked chest, from hard shoulder to soft belly. Kirk's nipples, excited at the possibility of further abuse, hardened quickly.

"Pinch me," Kirk gasped. But Spock returned his pleas with only a look, and continued to rub his Human's chest with a chaotic nonchalance, feigning ignorance of the desiring little nubs.

"Pinch me!" Kirk ordered again, this time more commandingly. He writhed backwards into the bed, kicking his legs at random. Spock's fingers flew across his nipples in the lightest of caresses--and the teasing set Kirk even more afire.

Kirk's hips strained against the empty air, reaching to grind the tent in his uniform pants against the tent in his mate's. Spock deftly slipped out of the way and left Kirk wriggling. His dextrous fingers continued to inflict divine torture upon Kirk's midsection.

"Pinch me..." Kirk whimpered, as his lonely cock sought its playmate in vain.

Spock's fingers flickered against Kirk's nipples, but abandoned them again just as things were getting interesting. Kirk's chest heaved.


Spock lowered his hot, wet mouth to Kirk's upper body. His lips closed around one tightly aroused nipple, and teeth pulled at it gently, then with more force.

Kirk wriggled and moaned and then with perfect goodness his penis finally collided with Spock's, and Spock was climbing on top of him, and biting his nipple, and rolling the other one between his fingers, and they shoved their bodies together--hard.

They ejaculated together, with Spock's palms covering Kirk's chest. He collapsed against his captain, his friend, and buried his nose in the human's neck.

"Glad I didn't dream you," Kirk quipped under his breath as they started to fall asleep.

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