Title: Express
Author: Farfalla
Beta: Hypatia, the public transit king ;-)
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Pairing: Kirk/Spock from Star Trek
Rating: [NC-17] PWP
Archive: Slash Advent Calendar 2003, ASCEM, WWOMB, and nice people who ask first
Disclaimer: Trek belongs to someone else. I make no profit but my smiles and your feedback
Setting: Slightly after Star Trek: The Motion Picture or so
Guess what--I started this fic the day BEFORE the NY blackout... heh.


"Spock! Hurry up! The car's already waiting at the terminal!" Admiral James T. Kirk frantically motioned to his companion as they attempted to navigate the chaotic sea of people and aliens.

"Admiral, I'm afraid we may miss it," Spock called to him over people's heads. "The crowd is too dense and it is difficult to maintain our proximity."

The two Starfleet heroes were on their way to an interplanetary summit that for once was taking place right at home on Earth. It was, however, being held at a secure location which could only be reached via transporter. The measures put in place to protect the delegates also served to hassle its more local participants, since the special shuttlecars from the central station to the secure transporter only left once an hour. Therefore, Kirk and Spock were rushing, like their forefathers had for hundreds of years, to catch public transportation in a packed mass of souls.

"It's right here, Spock! Just a little bit more!" Kirk called over his shoulder. "I don't want to wait around here for another hour in my dress uniform. This is worse than a sauna!"

"I agree, Admiral. It is hot even for a Vulcan." Spock, despite his comment, only looked slightly mussed. But it was still difficult for him to keep up with Kirk in the crowd, simply because barging straight through the crowd upset both his polite sensibilities and his Vulcan touch-telepathy. He was already in physical contact with too many people as it was, and was becoming slightly distressed from the process of quelling mental contact with their disorganized thoughts.

"Almost there! Come on, Spock!" Kirk, not looking back, reached behind him through the throng and seized Spock's wrist tightly. Spock allowed himself to be towed towards the waiting open door, clambering along as best he could in another set of new boots. Starfleet had changed the uniforms yet again...

Sweaty from dealing with the body heat of hundreds of members of dozens of species, Kirk's hand started to slip down Spock's clothed wrist. To prevent them from being completely separated by the chaotic crowd, he grabbed Spock's hand once his own had slid down that far. Their hands locked together tightly.

Kirk finally ducked into the shuttlecar and reeled his friend in after him. They collapsed into two miraculously vacant seats in an isolated corner of the car just as the doors shut. Kirk extracted his hand from Spock's to wipe the sweat off his face and then amused himself by casually examining the other passengers as the shuttlecraft took off and zoomed toward its destination.

Spock's mind, on the other hand, was deeply at work within itself. His hand still felt the imprint of not only Kirk's physical touch but also his essence. The two men usually refrained from completely holding hands in public, the hands of a Vulcan being extremely sensitive telepathic receptors for mental sensation. The formal spousal finger-touch was all either of them would allow, Spock for his own sense of propriety and custom, and Kirk because when he held hands with Spock, really twined their fingers together thoroughly, he recieved such subconscious waves of love and desire that it was difficult to control himself from initiating further contact in an inappropriate surrounding. Spock may appear unmoving as the granite beneath the ground, but through their fingers Kirk could feel the magma flowing still yet deeper.

And so Spock found himself both reeling from and relishing the unusual amount of public contact they had just experienced. Through the bare handclasp, he knew Jim's love and affection, his incredibly vivacity and life force, and of course the ever-present hum of adventurous sexuality. The result of their accidental but almost illicit contact was that even though it had only been for ten or fifteen seconds, Spock's trousers now bulged unmistakeably.

He tried to Vulcan it away, but the humidity of the car distracted his mental controls as he also was forced to adjust his metabolism to that as well. This, besides trying to feel comfortable in a small enclosed space with a large group of strangers, one of whom was listening to some sort of loud alien techno fusion music on a portable stereo. Other passengers glared, but the creature didn't seem to care.

Kirk turned to him. "Well, we made it!" he said with a grin. Then, recognizing something in Spock's eyes, he glanced down. A featherweight glance, it was so quick as to be nearly a blink. He couldn't resist a tiny smirk when he noticed Spock's erection straining against his black pants.

"Sorry I grabbed your hand," he murmured under his breath.

"It is not unpleasant," Spock reassured him in an even lower voice. "It is simply inappropriate."

"Ah," nodded Kirk. Unfortunately, he too was now slightly excited at the thought of Spock sitting next to him rock hard just from holding his hand. His blood stirred and his face decided to blush slightly as well.

Spock knew the signs. "Admiral, I believe the summit accomodations included quite luxurious sleeping arrangements," he deadpanned.

Kirk nodded, smiling, not knowing quite what else to do. "Really? Hmm." I wonder if I could make him come right here just from holding his hand and doing creative enough things with it, he mused to himself.

Then suddenly there was blackness. Complete, utter blackness. A few people shrieked and some of the aliens made exotic noises of protest, but there was nobody to answer as the car was operated remotely by computer. It continued on its course and after a few seconds, the emergency lighting near the floor remembered to switch itself on. It illuminated nothing higher than the anklebone and was thoroughly useless, but it seemed to reassure the passengers slightly that they hadn't just all simultaneously beamed into hell.

Kirk and Spock sat motionless, meditating for a few seconds at the unpredictability of the public transit equipment. "Everything's complicated," said Kirk finally, exhaling loudly. "They don't want to open the windowscreens because the security transporter location's private, but then something like this happens." He emphasized his minor annoyance by attempting to slap his own thigh, but instead his hand landed right on top of Spock's.

Kirk felt the other man's body shudder at the reconnection of their hands. He wasn't about to waste this moment. He felt way too much passion flowing through their touch, and knew that Spock had barely begun trying to mentally drain his lust.

Spock's night vision was much better than a human's, and he had to have both seen and sensed the errant approach of Kirk's hand. Yet he hadn't moved his own away. Kirk translated this into consent for the usually forbidden, and moved his other hand up to Spock's cheek. Unseen by the rest of the darkened cabin, he pulled Spock's face to his and tilted his own. They began kissing, and their hands wrapped around each other, index fingers touching head-on and mirroring their meeting mouths.

"Jim," Spock breathed huskily in the lowest of whispers, into Kirk's mouth.

"Do you think the power's going to stay out?" Kirk mumbled as he kept nibbling Spock's lips.

"Almost undoubtedly. The expiration of the pouch containing the lighting fuel triggers the emergency lighting." Ever the science officer. Even with his husband's tongue jammed into the back of his throat.

"Good." Kirk suddenly broke both the kiss and the handclasp, and dove downwards to undo Spock's fly. "I'd hate for anyone to notice this." And the next thing Spock knew, his penis was out of his pants and half-surrounded by the wet warmth of Jim Kirk's mouth.

Kirk knew what he was doing, both in terms of public decency and sexual technique, so Spock simply sat back and let his former commander take command. Jim's tongue stroked the head of his cock with several long, hard laps before he began to suck him in earnest.

Spock closed his eyes and thrust involuntarily further into Jim's lips. He ran his fingers through Jim's hair tenderly. Jim's head bobbed deeper and deeper until he was taking the whole organ into his mouth with every descent. Spock throbbed and strained, and pushed his head back against the wall of the shuttlecar. Running his hand all the way down Jim's back, he felt the contours of his bondmate's body through the uniform jacket. Then he swept his caress up over Jim's thigh and let it rest firmly on Jim's erection, its bulk mightily attempting to rise out of the trouser fabric.

Spock obliged it. He opened Jim's fly and curled his fingers around the hot, hard shaft of flesh. Spock stroked and tugged on Jim's penis as the actions of Jim's mouth brought him closer and closer to climax. His hips ground harder and harder against Jim's face. Jim could tell he was near, and pulsed harder in Spock's hand.

"Yeessss...." Spock moaned so softly it was probably only telepathic. But they were still glad for the faraway noise of the alien's portable stereo.

Jim rubbed him harder with his skilled lips, and flicked his tongue around against Spock's skin. Spock could tell from subtle changes in Jim's blood flow exactly when he was about to come, and steered them both towards a shared orgasm. Jim drew back slightly as he felt Spock's hardness start to twitch, so that the jet of semen wouldn't hit the back of his throat but could instead be savored. They tried not to gasp too loudly as it happened, tangible love bursting out of their electrified bodies. They pressed together and felt very, very close...

Breathing deeply and his heart pounding like a bongo drum, Jim released Spock's penis from his mouth and rested his head briefly on Spock's lap. Spock stroked his face with the gentle, tender fingers of his clean hand. The other hand he lifted to his own mouth, where he quickly nibbled and licked off Jim's fluid. Vulcans did this if there was ever any semen left over after intercourse, to cut down on loss of body water even in this insignificant way.

Jim found it amusingly kinky. He hugged Spock's middle peacefully as his heart rate calmed down.

"We are nearing our destination." Spock's clear voice, spoken at a normal volume, startled Kirk out of his comfortable reverie. It was a cue and a warning. They pulled apart as silently as they could and put themselves back together. Jim wiped the sweat off his face again and sat back in his seat, satisfied. The shuttlecar slowed, and then stopped with a small jolt.

When the doors slid open, brilliant white sunlight streamed into the car and everybody groaned. Kirk looked at Spock, whose eyes were closed. "We're here," Kirk said softly, nudging his shoulder with his knuckles.

"I know," said Spock. "I was protecting my eyes."

Ten minutes later they stood in the secure transporter room waiting to be beamed to the summit. "You two came in on the shuttlecar from Starfleet?" the techie behind the controls asked them.

Kirk nodded. "Yes, we did."

"I hear you had a problem with the lights going out. Sorry about that."

"It wasn't a problem." Kirk was smiling magnanimously. Spock smirked.


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