Title: Flexibility
Author: Farfalla
Email: blueberrysnail @ yahoo.com
Website: spirk.cosmicduckling.com
Beta: Saavant
Fandom: Original Series Star Trek
Pairing: Kirk/Spock
Rating: NC-17, PWP, a little kinky in a non-BDSM way. Marital smut.
Archive: Part of the 2003 Slash Advent Calendar. Also, ASCEM, WWOMB, and any other nice people who ask first.
Disclaimer: "I think I slash them because first, I do see them as a couple. But I also slash them because I think it will make them happy, because everyone deserves to find that acceptance and support expressed in a love relationship. I slash them because I think they deserve to be slashed. They deserve to have each other in every way and to support each other in every way. In short, they have the right to be slashed. I want the good guys to win each other." --K'Sal, September 2003
Summary: Admiral Kirk learns from a scientific journal that male Vulcans can suck themselves off, and wheedles Spock into letting him watch. Ever wanted to see snowballing while melded?



The figure who had just stepped out of the Admiral's bathroom lifted his eyes to regard Jim Kirk suspiciously. Even though Spock had only been back from Gol for two months, he read Jim's patterns as strongly as ever. The calm summons coming from the man reclining on the bed rang with mischief and flirtation, and Spock wondered what Jim was up to now.

"Jim, your mouthwash will be empty in the morning," Spock cautioned mundanely, sidestepping whatever Kirk had been about to say only to gently tease him.

"Don't worry about the mouthwash." The words slipped like half-sucked candies from Kirk's smile. "I wanted to ask you something."

"Yes, Jim?" Spock waited expectantly in front of the bed, his hands behind him.

"Spock, while you were.... back on Vulcan, I... did some reading on....Vulcan sexuality." Kirk looked down coyly, then back up at Spock from beneath attractive eyelashes. "I missed you. You understand--I... it's all I had of you."

"Did your search for knowledge satisfy your feelings?" Spock inquired.

"Not particularly, but it gave me something to do at one in the morning if I woke up hungry for Vulcans," Kirk said smoothly.

"Are you hungry now?" Spock asked casually. Only the slight tenting in his bathrobe revealed that he was asking for any reason other than detached scientific curiosity.

"Two of the reports told me that male Vulcans can perform oral sex on themselves," said Kirk suddenly.

Spock blinked, digesting this new topic. "The flexibility of the Vulcan skeleton allows the body to bend in ways that would be impossible for nearly every Human."

"What about a half-Human?"

"I have never attempted it," Spock mused to himself, looking interested in the abstract, "although I expect an attempt would be successful. I am in good physical shape."

"Can I watch?"

"You wish me to perform this act *now*?" Spock walked closer to the bed and brushed his hand against Jim's. The Human shifted ever so slightly against the bedclothes and Spock eyed the appealing bulge in his pants.

Kirk shrugged playfully. "Why not? We've got time. We don't always have that."

Spock drew closer to permit Jim access to his body. Jim reached out and slipped one lazy hand inside the folds of Spock's bathrobe. Spock closed his eyes and shivered slightly as Jim's hand closed around his growing erection. A tug and a half and it throbbed to its full length.

Jim used his other hand to slowly untie the cloth strap that was holding the bathrobe closed. The fabric parted, like a curtain rising on a stage, with Spock's impressive hard-on the star performer. Jim worked his hand tightly down over the length a few more times before letting go suddenly. He settled back on the pillows behind him like a fat cat and placed both hands in his own lap. "Well?"

"I will attempt what you suggest," Spock acquiesced, and his own hand picked up where Jim had left off. He sat down on the bed at Jim's feet, holding his penis and working it slowly as he shrugged off the bathrobe. It fell in piles of material around his waist as he devoted more attention to his dick. But always he kept one eye on Jim, and concentrated on his love through their bond.

Jim had unzipped the fly of his uniform pants and fished out everything he had to offer. He was sitting against his pillows, running his hands lightly, teasingly, over his dick and balls, as he watched Spock with eager curiosity. Would he be able to do it? Jim had seen pictures of such an act, in pornos and in textbooks, but had neither seen it in person nor managed it himself--and now his new husband was about to attempt it! The thought added a throb to his erection.

Spock studied his penis with the devoted, serious concentration he usually offered as Starfleet's best science officer. Continually working it with both hands so that it stayed at maximum stiffness, he slowly began to curl his body inward. Jim almost winced a little when he began to bend past Human comfort levels, but he felt nothing but love, curiosity, and calculation coming from Spock's mind. He relaxed, and trusted Spock not to hurt himself.

Spock gently folded his body over as far as he could, and craned his neck slightly. Yes, it certainly appeared possible...

He opened his mouth and, snaking his tongue out as as far as it could go, gave the head of his penis an exploratory lick.

He stopped his actions at the sounds of a small moan from his bondmate. Bending his head away from his phallus in a deliberate tease, he looked over at Jim. The Admiral's eyes were wide open and he was pumping his dick slowly but enthusiastically. "You are enjoying this, Jim?" Spock asked with a twinkle-eyed straight face.

Jim nodded and breathed heavily. "You can do it, you can actually *do* it," he murmured with appreciative wonder.

"Yes, the Vulcan skeleton does have some useful evolutionary--"

"Please--Spock--keep going... you have no idea how hot this looks from here," Jim gasped.

Spock had somewhat of an idea. The spikes of passion he could feel shooting through Jim's mind and down through his body were unsually high. He crunched his body down and stuck his tongue out again.

With long, thorough laps like an animal he began to lick his penis. His tongue slipped wetly over the smooth, fleshy head, and he began to unconsciously thrust slightly against his own mouth. He ground his tongue against the green-flushed skin harder and harder.

Encouraged by the masculine moaning of the man reclining beside him, he stretched out his lips and carefully enveloped the tip of his penis with his mouth. Enjoying the inviting moist warmth, he cupped his balls in one palm and kneaded them slightly. Then he thrust with seriousness into his mouth, sucking his own penis, his hands gripping the shaft.

He couldn't make it that far down, but it was enough for Jim Kirk. Watching Spock with aroused fascination, Jim slid his fist up and down his dick faster and faster. Spock's head was bent over his crotch as he gave himself head, his eyes cast down so that his long, beautiful eyelashes were even more obvious than they usually were. And below the eyelashes, his hard penis disappearing in between his beautiful, elegant lips... wet and glistening with his saliva.

Jim thrust his hips against the bed and into his hand. His eyes fixed firmly on Spock, watching the Vulcan tongue-bathe his own dick, he rubbed himself into a shuddering climax. Hot white liquid splashed in little spurts and dribbled down his spent erection. Spock felt the orgasm through the marriage bond and let himself freefloat over the edge as well. He considered the taste of his own semen as he came with both sexual satisfaction and scientific amusement.

He conserved the semen as best he could as he let his penis slip out of his mouth and flop happily onto one thigh. Then he got down on his knuckles and crawled across the bed to his sweating, panting bondmate.

Spock climbed on board the Starship Jim, wrapping all his limbs around the Admiral in a slightly nonHuman fashion. Their softening penises pressed together as they both shifted to maximize body contact. Jim wrapped both arms around Spock's back and hugged him tightly. Then Spock bent in for a kiss.

Syrupy Vulcan semen flowed from Spock's mouth to Jim's as the two men kissed. Jim was used to the unique taste of the fluid, sweeter than a Human's and both thicker and slicker, but it was tittilatingly exotic to have it snowballed to him from Spock's mouth. The liquid mixed with their saliva and eventually disappeared down their throats. Spock's hands found Jim's forehead, and he slipped easily into his mind. My mind to your mind...

My tongue to your tongue, Jim thought back playfully. It was an old joke, and their tongues lay flat against each other as if on cue.

Spock broke the kiss to travel worshipfully down Jim's body with tender hands, stopping at his groin to lick up the excess Human come. It was Vulcan instinct to ingest leftover seminal fluid--a logical consequence of desert life. For Jim it was kinky; for Spock, natural.

"I'm still amazed that you could pull that off," Jim said, exhaling leisurely. "On Earth, everybody tries it... nobody, well... there's an old saying that if more men could do it, the human race would be in danger of dying out!"

"Vulcan biology requires that once every seven years, we return home and seek a mate," Spock reminded his bondmate. "Mental contact is necessary during this time. You know of this."

"Yes," said Jim.

"We have evolved so that the presence of the bondmate is necessary for a bonded Vulcan male to achieve orgasm."

"Are you suggesting that Pon Farr evolved because Vulcan males can--can do what you just did?"

There was a moment of silence and Spock tried to keep his usual straight face, but Kirk felt the sparkles of telepathic laughter anyway.

"As you know, I am sometimes able to climax without your presence--the natural flexibility of being a hybrid of two species."

"Flexibility?" Kirk's eyes were twinkling. "You're talking about flexibility, Spock? No one's doubting you're the reigning champion."

illustration by Hypatia Kosh

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