Title: Fusion
Author: Farfalla the Butterfly-Kitten
Email: blueberrysnail @ yahoo.com
Website: http://spirk.cosmicduckling.com
Beta: Hypatia Kosh
Pairing: K/S
Rating: NC-17, PWP
Warning: light bondage, but no S&M
Disclaimer: After what they did to Kirk in Generations, I should hope the Afterlife would be like this. I mean no disrespect on any religion, and I imagine that if Leonard Nimoy were a 22-year old girl writing slash it'd go something like this.
Summary: Angels having, uh, hot sex. We nicknamed this one "Engelfick". Gwen made a G-rated illustration, viewable here


Sie leben hinterm Sonnenschein
getrennt von uns unendlich weit
sie mussen sich an Sterne krallen (ganz fest)
damit sie nicht vom Himmel fallen
--"Engel", Rammstein

"Look, Spock, I can make my wings transparent!"

Spock raised an eyebrow and floated over to his bondmate. "I see," he said, inspecting the two large wings that now hung like an ice sculpture from James Kirk's back. "How did you manage it?"

"I just--thought about it!" Kirk exclaimed, tossing up his hands with a flourish. "It doesn't work for everything. I can't get rid of this." He jiggled the potbelly he'd earned during his lifetime between his hands.

"I do not mind it," Spock reassured him with a sigh. Experimenting, he was silent for a second, and then a flush of brilliant blue shot through his own wings, straight to the tip.

"Impressive!" Kirk grinned. "How 'bout this?" After a moment his wings, still transparent and glowing like glass, infused with a rainbow of pastel colors like the iridescence of a soap bubble.

Spock nodded appreciatively. "A prism." His wings faded from dark blue to ice-blue, and the feathers molded together into a smoother surface.

"I don't get it," Kirk said.

"Taste them, Jim," Spock said in a sultry, low voice.

Intrigued, Jim floated to his side and nibbled on one wing. "Wintergreen!" he stuttered, chuckling. He gave Spock another lick. "But if I bite you, will we see sparks?"

"Try it and see, t'hy'la," Spock purred wickedly.

"I like that, but I've got a better idea." Kirk peered around furtively to make sure there weren't any other angels lurking about. "What's the most exotic place we've ever made love?"

"In the hydroponics garden on Earth's moon?" Spock offered, deep-eyed at the memory.

"What about the Jeffries tube in the first Enterprise?" Kirk countered.

"We cannot have been the first to select that particular spot for our conjugal adventures," Spock pointed out. "Most crewmen live with roommates, and there is hardly anywhere else on a starship to attain privacy."

"Well, in any case, Spock, now that we're dead, we can really start to live!--what?"

"Must I say it, Jim?"

"I like it when you say it," Jim flirted.

"That, my dearest, dearest bondmate, is illogical."

Kirk grinned. "Anyway. I had an idea. How about we make love--inside the sun?"

"Which sun, Jim?" Spock was playing.



"The ~Earth sun~, Spock. Come on, you know what I meant." Kirk came up behind Spock and slid his arms playfully around his waist. "So whaddya think? You up for it?" he cooed into a pointed ear.

"I find your suggestion astronomically appropriate," said Spock, turning his head slightly into Kirk's nuzzling lips. "At the center of a star, hydrogen atoms continually come together to form helium. The energy released by their fusion fuels life itself."

"And so we're the hydrogen atoms?"

"We are, as Human custom seemed perenially eager to remind us, the same in some vital ways," Spock reminded him. "So I suppose we can be seen as being the same elements--in a rather limited metaphor."

"Mmm, I think I like those 'vital ways'," Jim hummed, moving the hands he still had wrapped around Spock's middle farther down the Vulcan's ethereal body. He closed his hands around Spock's rapidly hardening penis through his glowing white robe.

"If you wish to couple within the sun, Jim, I suggest we leave now... before I take you right here." Spock gasped.

"Here in this church?" Kirk's eyes widened in amusement.

"Why not?" Spock deadpanned. "We are invisible to the congregation."

"But what if somebody has an epiphany?"

"I think you would enjoy that."

"You're not serious, are you?" Kirk studied his husband's familiar face. It took practice to find the twinkle in a Vulcan eye, but it was a welcome jewel. "Come on, let's go."

They took each other's hand and flew out through a stained-glass window, their wings temporarily retaining some of its colors as they ascended over the city of Boston.

They sped towards the sun, its usually blinding light not fazing their seraphic retinas. "This reminds me of the last time we flew straight at the sun," Kirk joked.

"When we retrieved the whales from the twentieth century? Yes, the slingshot effect was notably profitable for our purposes."

"It doesn't seem quite so terrifying this time around." The yellow surface of the sun was a rolling sea of explosions, but for the immortal they were decorations. "Are we ready?"

"As always, Jim, I follow where you lead." A golden glow shone over Spock's almost-smile.

They flew closer to the fiery skin. "I keep expecting my wings to get singed, like Icarus."

"You have already flown higher than Icarus ever dreamed possible," Spock reminded him.

And then they were inside, and surrounded everywhere by swimming light. The energy was active and wriggling and touchable, and for some time they played like children, batting around the bits of plasma with their fingertips. Kirk found that if he dipped his fingers inside the bits, they tingled as if they's touched a carbonated beverage. "I wonder if these things are edible?" he mused.

"You are proposing we eat the sun?" Spock shot him a look.

Jim floated into his arms. "How about I eat you instead?" he murmured, and kissed him. As he sucked Spock's tongue into his mouth he felt the Vulcan's erection swell up beneath his heavenly robe. Jim groped for it between them and then grasped the firmness through the silky cloth.

Spock eased his hand away. "Let me please you first." With his other hand he eased the knot out of the velvety-soft golden rope around Jim's waist. Jim's robe fell open as Spock withdrew from the embrace, the shining rope hanging from his fist. Both men's arousal was evident--Spock's from beneath the tenting of his robe, Jim's naked and flushed and seeking touch.

Spock didn't touch it, though. He floated behind Jim and pulled both of Jim's hands behind him. Gently, sensually, he stroked the sensitive skin on the underside of Jim's wrists before wrapping the golden rope around them. He tied it securely but not so tight that it would hurt him.

Then he returned to Jim's front and gazed silently into his eyes. "What are you going to do to me?" Jim queried sensually.

Without a word, Spock kissed him on the lips. Then he dragged his tongue delicately away from his mouth and down over his chin. Jim let out a small groan as Spock's lips closed around a small area of his neck and began to suckle. Did angels get hickies?

His penis throbbed, and had his hands been free, he would have either touched himself or guided Spock's hands there. But he could do neither, and was instead forced to wait and endure the agonizingly exquisite torture of Spock's tongue licking its way slowly down his body.

Spock had left his neck and was nibbling a trail of skin that led downwards towards Jim's left nipple. He approached it with his lips, but then feinted and circled around teasingly. "Aaaahh," Jim moaned in delicious frustration. His arousal ached, pleading for attention. Spock finally draped his wet tongue over Jim's nipple, and the human's moans died away to a gasping whisper of ecstasy.

"Touch me..." Jim pleaded, bucking his hips into the swimming plasma.

"I *am* touching you," Spock murmured. Jim was too far gone to protest aloud, partially because his mouth was hanging open.

Spock continued his licking path down Jim's torso. He varied his technique over the stomach area, sometimes flat and wide, sometimes the very tip, almost tickling. He changed the pressure level from time to time as well.

Jim was nearly convulsing by the time Spock finally made it all the way down to his groin. An ear-point gently poked at him as Spock moved his face between his legs, licking his inner thigh. But the Vulcan never touched his tongue to Jim's waiting genitals. Instead, he began to kiss his way down Jim's muscled leg.

"Spoooock...." Jim whimpered. "Please...." His erection waved in the ether, pulsing, waiting for contact.

Spock's only answer was to dance his tongue lightly around Jim's ankle, then begin to lick his way up the back of Jim's leg. When he reached the back of the knee he spent some time there, flicking his tongue back and forth across the sensitive crease.

Jim was on fire. And the location of their tryst had nothing to do with it.

Spock drew the full flat length of his tongue across the swell of Jim's left buttock. Jim didn't know which way to thrust; everything felt so good. Spock nuzzled his nose at Jim's tailbone on the way to licking the other buttock.

Jim's eyes were closed so he could concentrate every brain cell on what Spock's mouth was doing to him. Suddenly, however, the wet touch was gone. His eyes snapped open, but Spock was behind him and he couldn't see.

And then Spock was rubbing his naked erection against Jim's ass. He made no move to part the cheeks; he merely nudged it against the crack slightly, stimulating himself. Jim nearly came from the sensation and the idea, but he was still waiting for the return of Spock's mouth.

Spock encircled his body with his arms and thrust his penis against Jim's tailbone thoroughly and deliberately. Jim pushed back against him, and groped around for Spock's organ since his hands were stuck behind his back anyway. Spock pre-empted this by rotating in his embrace around Jim like a moon around a planet. His hardness dragged over Jim's hip, and soon they were nearly facing each other.

Jim was able to steal a quick kiss before Spock's mouth escaped again, this time licking its way down the right side of Jim's body. It paused briefly to deposit oral worship on the nipple, then continued its journey.

When Spock reached Jim's thighs again he did not tease any more. He kissed his way upwards into the inner thigh, and then, with a flat, wet stroke, lovingly licked Jim's balls.

Jim cried out in passion.

A small solar flare erupted from the surface of the sun. Eight minutes later, turquoise and magenta lights danced in the Arctic night sky.

Spock enveloped one of Jim's testicles within his lips, and sucked extremely gently. "Yeah... yeah..." Jim vocalized helplessly. "I love you...." Jim was now whispering in a dazed babble. "Suck me!"

Carefully Spock withdrew his mouth, and placed both arms around Jim's hips. His hands kneaded Jim's buttocks as he approached the human's desperate erection with his tongue.

He began by licking all around the head, missing no skin, leaving it shining with his saliva. Then, his fingers gripping soft cheek flesh, he plunged Jim's penis into his mouth.

He sucked hard. He had teased his bondmate, and now he would satisfy him. Jim thrust eagerly into his mouth. Spock's lip muscles were strong and he knew how to use his tongue even while his mouth was full of dick. Jim knew he would come soon, and ran his fingers affectionately through Spock's hair.

Spock sucked him into a breathless climax, and did not release his penis until every drop of whatever it is that angels ejaculate had issued forth. Jim sunk to his knees with delirious delight and nuzzled his face against Spock's warm thigh. Spock's penis still had not been attended to, and it bobbed before his face.

Jim's hands were still tied, so he moved close enough to use his mouth alone. He started at the base of Spock's dick and licked long, longitudinal strokes across the throbbing organ. Then he took the whole thing into his mouth and sucked him till he came.

Astronomers back on Earth and the Martian and Titan colonies wondered what was up with the solar flares today...

They rested in each other's arms, still inside the sun's strange overilluminated cavity. Jim's wrists were untied and his robe back in place, and he enfolded Spock within his great white wings. "That was soooo good," he murmured. Spock replied by snuggling closer against his collarbone.

And the tourists in the Sistine Chapel that day were none the wiser.

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