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The Dilemma of the Disappearing Dessert
While visiting McCoy's daughter's vacation home in Colorado, Spock's gift for Kirk turns up missing.

A Visit
M'Ress visits Kirk while he sits shivah for Spock at his Starfleet desk job.

For the Love of Peace and Quiet
After "Journey to Babel", Kirk and Spock drive everyone nuts by having long conversations across Sickbay while recuperating from their various adventures.

The Hyla
Cadet Spock is lonely on a Starfleet Academy field trip and searches the wildlife around him for companionship.

Bedtime Stories
What happens when Kirk falls asleep while reading in Spock's quarters?

Star Trek: The Guinea Pigture
A retelling of Star Trek: TMP with Kirk and Spock as guinea pigs. Why is Spock acting unfriendly, and what is V'Ger?

Study Buddies
Drabble: everybody's got something to be good at.

Stuck on You
Jim's having a nightmare, so Spock decides to fix it with a meld.

The Intruder
Something goes wrong during an away-mission mind-meld between Kirk and Spock.

A Friendship Rare and Well-Done
Even the captain catches a cold from time to time, but at least he has a friend like Spock to cheer him up.

Daycare, the Final Frontier
AU. Shuttlecraft crash, cave story... all kiddie-style! Best friendships are born in the San Francisco Daycare.
2003 ASCEM Awards Honorable Mention winner

Spock has trouble understanding the appeal of a Terran snowglobe.

Grief Management, Vulcan Style (With Human Assistance)
Jim finds out how Spock mourned him when he was declared dead in the Tholian Web.

Rarer Still ~poetry~
Kirk's been all over the universe and seen plenty of unusual things, but one sight is especially dear to him.

Of Sunlight and Blue Roses
Late in his life, Spock visits Captain Kirk's grave, and something extraordinary happens.

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