Title: Grandma's Goodie Box
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Series: Star Trek Original Series
Pairing: Kirk/Spock
Rating: G
Thanks, Hypatia and Ami
Archive: Slash Advent Calendar 2003, ASCEM, AAK/SA, WWOMB, and nice people who ask first
Disclaimer: The Enterprise crew belongs to Paramount, and Grandma and her neighbor belong to the Great State of Minnesota
Summary: Kirk gets an extremely late Christmas package from his maternal grandmother. Post TMP, second five-year mission, not that it really matters.

Grandma's Goodie Box

To: Samantha Svenssen < sasvenssen@minneapolis.mn.us >
From: Admiral James T. Kirk < jtkirk@1701.starfleet.gov >
Re: Thanks for the Christmas presents and happy Mother's Day!

Dear Grandma,

Today the Enterprise docked at Starbase R2 for routine safety inspection, and imagine my surprise when the clerk there told me that I had a large package waiting for me. Apparently, your Christmas goodie box had finally caught up with the ship, after six months of bouncing all over known space. It was nice to have Christmas all over again, even though it's the beginning of May back on Earth. I can't thank you enough for the chocolate mint cookies; they really give me a taste of home. It's too bad you can't send along some marshmallow salad too, but I can't even imagine how that stuff would last six months of space travel.

Uhura loved the songbook you sent her. I don't think she's ever learned any Swedish folk songs before, so it will be a real treat to hear what she does with them. Thank goodness she's a communications officer, or she'd have no idea what any of the words meant!

Dr. McCoy wanted me to thank you for the scarf. You wouldn't know it from how far south they are, but those north Georgia mountains can get completely snowed over in the wintertime. I'm sure he's headed straight there the first minute we're back at home, and it'll help him keep comfortably warm. (And he was so flattered that you remembered his blue eyes!)

Thank you for the sweater you made for me. Mom must have told you I've put on a little weight. It'll come in handy if we ever go on shore leave someplace chilly. I'll be sure to send you a picture of how I look wearing it. And the horse socks were just too sweet.

Grandma, I need to explain something to you. The presents you sent for Spock were lovely, and we appreciate the gesture. The homemade nightdress was beautiful, and the hat with the fake birds was certainly very unique! I was especially touched by your gift of the antique gold bracelet that your mother won at the church raffle. I know it has always represented family to you, and Spock was very moved. But, as I think I've explained to you before (although I could be wrong), Spock is a man. I know it seems a little out of the ordinary, but that's the way things are. So needless to say, "that nice talented Vulcan woman you married" and I aren't expecting any youngsters to be joining our family. We love the stuffed moose anyway, and will keep it for ourselves as a reminder of your generosity and the family love I miss so often.

I hope you are doing well. Mom said that your flower garden won a prize this spring. Congratulations! I bet Shira Myhr was jealous. Stay healthy and wink at the stars for me! I'll be thinking of you.



"Jimmy?" A raised eyebrow.

"It's these cookies, Spock. They make me feel like a kid again. Computer, send message." Jim switched off the viewscreen and turned around, then burst out laughing. "Spock, take off that hat!"

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