Title: I was JT's Love Slave!!
Author: k1of7
Author's Website: http://spirk.cosmicduckling.com/k1/
Email: k1of7 @ yahoo.com
Fandom: Star Trek -- TOS -- written for the first Kirk/Spock Online Festival
Pairing: Kirk / Spock
Rating: NC-17 (m/m sex)
Author's Disclaimer: The characters belong to Paramount Pictures.  This is a piece of amateur fan fiction.  Many special thanks to my editors: Dreadnought and the Enigmatic Big Miss Sunbeam.

by k1of7

"Where the blazes is Spock and why did he tell me to call you?"  An exasperated Jim Kirk was clearly at the end of his rope.  After a long day at Fleet headquarters with the Khitomer mess, he'd come home to find an urgent message: "I am taking emergency leave.  Contact Dr. Chapel with any questions."

But when he contacted Starfleet Medical Services on the line, Chris Chapel was equally disturbed.  "Jim, Spock is on his way to Vulcan.  Why aren't you with him?"

"Is he OK?  I thought you and the Fleet healers had everything under control."  Spock had only said that he'd been unable to meditate since Valeris' interrogation and was being treated as an out-patient by SFMS.  Dr. Chapel had been his personal physician since the fal-tor-pan. 

Chris took a deep sigh.  "Jim, you are now on emergency leave.  My staff will clear your calendar and I'll pick you up.  Get packed for Vulcan and I can explain while I take you to the transport station."  Obviously, she thought, things were not as Spock had allowed everyone to assume. She only hoped Jim would get there in time.

As soon as she strode into the apartment, she asked, "Jim, have you had a serious partner since V'ger?"

He blinked.  "What does that have to do with anything?  What's wrong with Spock?"  

Chris grabbed his bag and they headed out the door.  "Jim, Spock's in pon farr.  The meld with Valeris was the first unshielded contact his post-Genesis mind has had with a mature Vulcan female."  She stopped at the lift.  "Jim, he needs to bond."

The hall was empty as they waited.  "Isn't pon farr impossible?  I mean, he hasn't ... since that disaster with T'Pring, has he?  I thought his human half ..."

"We all thought a lot of things, Jim.  Stars, Len and I thought you two had worked things out after V'ger.  I know Fleet thought it knew after Spock's death."

"Knew what?"  Jim was completely lost.   

Grateful that the car was empty, Chris stepped in and turned to Jim.  "I know you viewed the tapes with Sarek but did you ever really watch yourself with Spock?  The general training tape only shows how he brought the engines back online and how to use the waldoes now.  But the medical staff has had to watch the entire thing for the fatal radiation effects."  She could see he still didn't make the connection.  "Jim, everyone thinks that you and Spock are bondmates."

 "We're roommates, not bondmates.  Spock is Vulcan," Jim sputtered.  His ears were faintly pinked up as he thought about all the old rumors.  'We're getting to be practically geezers', he thought, 'but what I'd give for any of them to be true.'  He continued out loud, "Same sex bondings aren't logical..."

"We're almost there."  She breathed in, "You'll have to leave immediately to catch the shuttle.  Spock left me a message that he has gone to Vulcan to try to enlist the help of a l'karn."  She made sure she had his full attention and said pointedly, "He thinks he can get through this without the bond and return to his present life, to you."

He gave her a long stare, "There must be a problem with Spock's l'karn solution or we wouldn't be speeding off like this."

"The House of Akaren services only those who were bonded in pon farr and have lost their mates.  Spock thinks his human side will help him around that issue.  

But that's not the biggest problem.  It's the mind-rape.  No one on Vulcan will risk melding with him now - Valeris is still being studied.  She has no trauma, no evidence of any mental contact at all.  Not even the Masters at Gol leave no trace when they meld.  If he wasn't the heir to the House of Surak, he'd be interred by Vulcan for the rest of his life." 

Chris handed Jim his bag with another small box.  She could see he was overwhelmed, but they had no time to make things easier.  She put on her most commanding doctor persona and asked, "Jim, Spock has to bond or die."  She paused, "Do you want me to go to Vulcan!?!"

Jim closed his eyes.  He knew Chris wasn't serious; that chapter had closed long ago.  But now things were clear.

Spock was in a live or die situation.  

Someone had to bond with Spock.

And, if Vulcan was afraid to have him, Jim Kirk was going to be there for Spock. 

After hasty connections and shuttles, Jim was finally escorted to his cabin.  He laid out his kit and took a look at the box Chris had included at the last minute. 

Contents: One Starfleet issue Inter-Species Adaptation Kit, complete with sonic cleanser. 

'Oh, ghods!  Now I'm embarrassed,' Jim bit his lip, as the blush moved all the way down his neck.  'Well, Chris was always a pro.  She must have used Spock's privacy blocks to assume bondmate status for me.  Then, if she accessed my med files, she knows I've only mentioned occasional female partners all these years.' 

It was going to be a long trip.

Hot, Jim shifted uncomfortably from one foot to the other.  He stood in Vulcan Spaceport, in a loose native robe. 

"Kirk," a diplomatic envoy was suddenly beside him, "I will take you to T'Pau."

'Now that's the last person I need to see in this condition,' he wondered just how he would find Spock.  "Excuse me, but I have urgent business ..."

The envoy was a true Vulcan; he merely looked at Kirk and interrupted.  "T'Pau requires your presence at the House of Surak."  It was as good a place as any to start so Jim followed to the aircar.  Past the main part of the estate, they came to a small dwelling near the site of the Koon-ut-kal-if-fee.  Jim shuddered, 'Stones and death.  What will this fever be like?'

Ushered into the narrow entryway, Jim saw T'Pau was only a little older and more withered.  She wasted no time.  "Spock meditates at the fire circle.  What is your business here, Kirk?"

Not willing to give her unnecessary details, Jim replied, "I'm here for Spock.  I must see him."

"I have reminded Spock of his responsibilities to Vulcan.  Sarek has already given two sons to the House of Surak.  Now Spock must provide an heir.  He will return here for his bondmate."  She turned to leave. 

"Now wait a minute.  I'm here for Spock because I was told no Vulcan female would risk mating with him.  What bondmate?"  Jim was beginning to feel like he was on a bad carnival ride.  'A bad ride on Wrigley's,' as he felt a muscle twinge. 

She ignored his question and asked, "Why are you here?  Do you challenge?" 

'Challenge?  Challenge who!?'  Thin air, heat, and everything else brought Jim to the edge of his composure.  "I know there is no bondmate for Spock.  He must live.  I am here for him."  He glared his thoughts at her, 'Do I have to spell it out for you?' 

Quirking one brow, she queried, "Are you ready to assume the duties of the House of Surak?  If you are to be Spock's t'hy'la, you will become one entity under Vulcan law." 

That word jolted him away from, and back to, his physical discomforts.  'T'hy'la!  She knows I know what that means.  Friend, brother, lover - she knows I'm in for the whole ball of wax.'  "Yes, T'Pau.  I am ready to be t'hy'la to Spock."  He leaned over her, "I am here for him!"

A glint in her composed expression made Jim shake his head, 'Was that a smirk?  Nah, that couldn't be a smirk.'  It certainly seemed to smooth out many of the wrinkles on her face. 

"And so it shall be.  Post Genesis, Spock has been unable to provide viable seed for Vulcan.  A healer will use your Starfleet genetic savings to assist a female from the House of Surak to continue the line.  I suggest you prepare and rest for Spock's return."  With an imperious turn, she was gone.

The stone cottage was just three rooms.  Jim left the entry to find a simple bath.  Through the next door he saw the last room - the bonding chamber.  "Deep breath, JT.  One step closer to saving Spock's life.'  That brought a smile to his tired face.  'I'm not doing this for Spock; I'm doing it for me.  The needs of the one and I'm the one.'  Ever since Khitomer, Jim had been trying to talk to Spock, trying to see how or where they gone so far apart.  Maybe Spock couldn't love him as more than a friend, but they had to get past this crisis first.

Gingerly Jim stepped from the bath and toweled off.  He left most of his stuff behind, but grabbed the jar of Xixcro pleasure grease.  He smiled remembering.  McCoy claimed his family had used the same vegetable preparation to fry chicken for years.  He went through to what he hoped would be his wedding chamber.  The bed was soft, the linen cool.  Jim knew he was prepared to the best of his starship captain ability.  He wrapped his naked body in a sheet and gave in to exhaustion.

Slowly, with his eyes still shut, he awoke.  It felt cooler and had to be close to dusk.  His dreams had been warm and soothing, not the images of blood and fire he'd expected.  Then he noticed the bed weighted down on the other side.  'If Spock's able to just sit there, he can't be in the plak tow.  Is he even in pon farr?'  One hazel eye peeped open.

Spock was sitting, one eyebrow aloft, waiting.  "Jim, T'Pau told me to expect my bondmate." 

Not anxious, definitely not insane, Jim felt he'd been had by both Chapel and the Vulcan crone.  "You're supposed to be in pon farr!  You're calm, collected.  They told me you were going to die!"

Jim knew he should be relieved but he felt a little cheated for all the effort he'd gone through.  'All the effort,' he blanched.  "Spock, let me out of here for a minute.  We have to talk."  The bath and safety were just on the other side of the bed.  He started to back out, as he held onto the sheet.

One cool, greenish hand grabbed his wrist.  "Yes, Jim.  My skin temperature is abnormally low.  This fever is not following any Vulcan norms.  I estimate another week before it begins to rise and perhaps a month to the plak tow, if it's not slaked.  I will die soon after that if I'm not bonded.  Now, why are you here and why," Spock took in the skin he could see around the bedsheet, "are you naked?" 

Jim closed his eyes and grabbed a calming breath.  All he had to do was explain to Spock why he was here and why he was naked.  That was all.  Then he could break for the bathroom and privacy.  Command plans were at the ready. 

"Why am I here?  You were supposed to be dying!  For crying out loud, Spock, I'm 60 years old!  I'm not living without you again.  At this point, it doesn't matter if you decide I'm a pathetic, doddering, emotional human."  Jim hoped a front of hysteria would distract Spock.  "Just give me a second to gather my wits and grab some clothes and we can have a logical, rational discussion."  Jim had one foot on the floor - sanctuary was so close. 


'Distract, divert!  At least we're still talking!'  Jim did not want to look down and find out whether the blush had spread to his chest.

Not relinquishing the wrist, Spock leaned back against the head of the bed and drew Kirk back almost into his lap.  "Jim, you are here.  You know that I will only accept your gift if this is what you truly want.  If we meld and I find any hesitation, any sense that this blend of our souls is not the unity that you need with me, the fever will flare into the plak tow and we both will be lost." 

Then in a softer voice, as if he were trying to calm a frightened colt, Spock asked, "We are going to meld; we are going to join; we are going to love each other, t'hy'la.  Won't you tell me why you're running off like a timid virgin?"  He threaded his free hand through the silver-gray waves, fingertips teasing around the meld points. 

Resigned, Jim began, "I thought you might be in plak tow.  And I couldn't let you die.  But I couldn't let you injure me, if I could prevent it."  He sighed, "I haven't had a man since my Academy days, Spock.  Even Chapel knew I'd need help."  Jim figured his toes had to be fire engine red by now. 

"Help?"  Spock prompted.  He noticed Jim hadn't even twitched since he'd been dragged prone across the bed, the sheet still over his posterior. 

"Yes, help, Spock!  Manual assistance.  If you needed immediate relief, then I'd need to be immediately ready - no warm up time, no gradual working around to things..."  'Out with it, JT!!'  Inwardly groaning at the pun, he confessed, "I figured you'd have the presence of mind to remove my clothes and any other impediments."


"Yes, impediments!!  Yes, specifically, the Starfleet Inter-Species Adaptor, 90th percentile VH setting.  I didn't know when I'd see you after I arrived; I didn't know if you'd be able to control; I've been using the damn thing since your doctor gave it to me."  Through his mortification, Jim could feel Spock's hand was warmer.  He looked up and saw the flame spread from Spock's eyes to flush green at his cheeks. 

A low, raspy voice, from the Vulcan in their past, the Vulcan who'd been in plak tow, ordered, "Show me." 

'The fire begins', Jim shuddered inwardly and rose up on both knees, keeping his shoulders down. 

Spock relinquished the wrist but his hand gently closed on the nearest ankle.  Jim had to close his eyes as he slipped the cover off his body, and showed Spock just how prepared he was. 

And now Spock saw.  There it was, the firm flesh that destroyed his meditation, gold and pink, spread, waiting for him.  Purple scrotum scrunched tight, stiff rosy cock jutting forward, Jim offered him everything.  Absently, Spock noted perspiration between his own shoulder blades.  He licked moisture from his upper lip and his nostrils flared to taste the scent of his Jim on the air.  The SISA-VH pulsed an accurate green, the base preventing its accidental entrance beyond its intended purpose.

That growl again.  "You used this to prepare for me?"

Jim could only whisper, "Yes."

"You thought of me as you used this?"

"Yes," even softer.

"If I had met you disembarking at the spaceport, you were wearing this?"  The other hot, hot hand now caressed one globe of Jim's ass, his ankle still trapped in the other careful hand. 

"Uh huh," Jim's knees started to shake. 

Now the fingers traced around the lower edge of the base and came closer and closer to his balls.  "May I move it?" 

"Oh, ghods, Spock!  Yes!  Now, please!"  Jim almost whimpered as he felt the dildo slowly edge out almost to the ridges, but then it slowly came back, easing over his prostate.  Spock had said "Move," not remove, and he continued to move it. 

"You were alone, in your cabin.  You took this device, prepared it with grease, and you thought of me as you moved this into your body. You imagined it was my flesh filling you, rubbing against that one spot so far inside."  Now Spock knelt beside him, one hand caressing the meldpoints, the other bringing the dildo in and out, twisting the ridges against all parts of him.  "Give me these thoughts, t'hy'la.  Show me everything."

And they were melded.  Jim could see the green inferno raging around Spock, green seas boiling within.  He showed Spock the whole trip, starting alone in his cabin, holding the device.  The first tentative insertion and his surprise at his stab of desire.  Affixing it to a chair and increasing the size as he sat down on it, rocking back and forth.  Finally, both hands heavy with the white grease, pumping his own cock as he rode up and down on the huge rod, moaning Spock's name. 

'Yes, T'hy'la!  Orgasm for me,' Spock's mind called to him.  'I need your completion!'

"Say my name," Jim begged.  "I want to hear you say my name."  He could barely get the words out between the thrusts Spock was giving him. 

In a low rumble, "Jim.  Come for me, my Jim." 

And Jim was gone. 

* * *

Jim came to slowly, with Spock wrapped around his back, finally knowing it was his Vulcan that filled him so deeply. 

"So you like the way I say your name, Jimmmm?"  Spock teased, slowly licking his human's neck as the laugh crinkled inside.

"You know, whenever you say my name I can hear the hum from the 'em' sound last just a little longer - It always got to me."


"First I'd think about your voice and then that hum and then the vibration of your lips from that hum and then I'd wonder how it'd feel if you said my name against my neck, or my lips, or my cock ..." His breath caught as Spock began a gentle thrust with his hips.  "Yeah, I played that game for years.  If I could get you to say my name and the word 'come' in the same sentence - boy, I could jerk off for hours that night!" 

Spock whispered, "Were there other games, t'hy'la?"

Bright red filled Jim's cheeks.  "I thought you got all my secrets through the bond.  I didn't realize there would be an interrogation.  Can we move, love?  I need to see you when I tell you this."  Spock slid out with a thick, slurpy sound.  He turned Jim supine and raised his knees.  Green lips kissed the insides of pink thighs and Spock easily slid home again. 

With a sigh, Jim admitted, "Well, my favorite game was actually the dessert game.  What's my favorite dessert, Spock?"

"Besides me?" smug look.  "It was, I believe, chocolate in any form.  Unless we dined out.  Then you invariably ordered crème brulee."

"Oh, yes," Jim almost groaned.  "Crème brulee.  The crunchy caramel topping was always good, but it was the custard I was after.  You know, not as thick as a pudding, not as thin as a sauce.  I'd take a creamy spoonful, as big as I could get away with, and just feel it in my mouth.  That creamy, kind of clotted consistency.  I'd sort of push it around, and let it get warm on my tongue."  Jim looked straight into the dark eyes waiting above him.  In a voice half an octave lower, he continued, "and I'd wonder if this was how your cum would feel in my mouth."  Breathing was heavier now on both sides.  "I wondered if you'd taste coppery, like a coin from old Earth times.  Or if I could taste the salt of Terran seas from your human side, or Vulcan's ancient seas, or even those of Genesis.  I'd push my tongue up against the roof of my mouth, imagining it was the head of your cock, softening and slowly leaving my mouth.  I'd bring my tongue against the very edge of my lips and press outward, just a little, wondering what you'd think if you saw that whitish crème in my mouth.  And I'd try to wait until you looked into my eyes.  And then I'd watch your face as I swallowed your load."  He was rewarded with a gasp and the sight of Spock catching his lower lip in his teeth.  A zing of sexual heat frissioned across the bond, making both of their cocks twitch, his against Spock's abdomen, Spock's deep inside him.  "A dangerous game, it turned out," Jim panted.  "Remember Hikaru's surprise party?  We knew Demora would be late so we'd had the little cake and the song and were finishing coffee and dessert.  I'd almost polished off my crème brulee, savoring the last mouthful, when you told Sulu not to go: you said, 'Isn't the best present yet ...'  Then you looked right at me, I started to swallow, deep into the game, and you said, in that velvet voice of yours, 'to come, Jim?'" 

Those words sent a shiver down Jim's spine and it was more a whimper than a moan that escaped from behind Spock's trapped lip.  "I rushed out, grabbing my napkin over my crotch, thankful for the length of my shirt.  I barely made it out of the dining room when I came in my pants.  Thank stars, there was no one in the head and the joint was fancy enough to include a replicator for its sloppier patrons.  After washing both my face and my dick with ice water, I felt I could handle returning to the table.  And with the incredible Kirk luck, Demora was just walking in the door and I escorted her to her father, as if I'd planned that mad dash."

The fever continued.  

* * *

The next evening, Jim and Spock were able to relax and soak in a huge tub of bubbles.  As they sat opposite each other, Spock massaged Jim's feet.  "T'hy'la, we've bonded now, but I still owe the House of Surak an heir.  I cannot avoid this duty."

Too spent to even raise his head from the lip of the tub, Jim grunted, "All taken care of.  T'Pau told me a healer would use my pre-Fleet sperm donation and a female of the House of Surak would bear the child."

Through the bond Jim could actually feel the eyebrows crash into Spock's bangs.  "WHICH female?"  Spock intoned.


"Vulcan females have very long spans of fertility, lasting well into their middle age."


"Sarek is barely 140 Terran years." 


"T'Pau, for all her posturing as the ancient crone ruling all of Vulcan, is a mere 165."

"Don't you have any cousins or aunts, even?"  Jim was starting to get worried.

"Jim, can you not imagine why this heir situation is such a problem?"

Jim choked, "I can just hear the bloids: Galactic Stud Scores Again!"

Spock was not amused.

"Kirk's Final Enterprise!"

"Jim, you may want to hold your breath."

"No, wait!  Here's the headline!!  T'Pau of Vulcan: I was Jim Kirk's Love...urgl ...!!

The rest was lost as Spock pulled Jim under the bubbles. 

* * *

Original challenge: Jim challenges T'Pring (or another Vulcan mate) to fight over Spock.  Spock doesn't know this and is surprised to find Kirk in his bed later.  What will happen?

Two added challenges: Christine Chapel acts as the matchmaker and gets Spock and Kirk on the clue-bus; and T'Pau summons Spock to Vulcan for a proper Vulcan marriage so he can give his clan their long overdue heirs.

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