• The Fest is complete, but everyone can still go write great Khan fiction!

  • The stories on this page focus on Khan/someone or be regular gen about Khan Noonien Singh. Other pairings are allowed and encouraged, as long as the Khan interaction is the main focus of the story (or art piece). Threesomes and other amusing variations are allowed.

  • Toast always lands buttered-side down.

  • Stories may not adhere to the novel about Khan that I can't remember the name of at the moment. The episode "Space Seed" and the movie The Wrath of Khan are considered canon and if you veer from them, you will be expected to designate the story an AU.

  • There are stories with all ratings on this site, so please read the headers and hit "back" if you don't want to read certain things.

    By Pairing

    Khan/Marla McGivers

    A Woman's Weapon
    by Acidqueen. Khan/Marla
    Speak of me as I am
    by Jemima Pereira (offsite link). Khan/Marla
    Makeshift Hut
    by Andrew Troy Keller. Khan/Marla


    Khan Scribble
    by Cardassianfire. Kirk/Khan, Kirk/Spock

    Khan/Chekov or Khan/Terrell (or both!)

    Youthful Indiscretion
    by T'Lin. Chekov/Khan
    includes illustration


    limerick by Farfalla. McCoy/Khan
    That Touch of Khan
    AU humor by Julie. McCoy/Khan, K/Mc and Su/f implied.


    The Biggest Stick
    by longbeachtrekstar. Khan/Mudd

    In Limbo
    by Saavant. Spock/Khan, Kirk/Spock

    The Price of Pride
    by kelthammer.

    Not Far From the Tree
    by Lyrastar. Khan/Cyrano Jones


    Reap What You Sow
    AU by longbeachtrekstar. Kirk, Khan

    Khan, at least in the Trek world, was the best of the genetically-engineered supermen who controlled the Earth in the 1990's. He and his followers were cryogenically frozen and sent into space, where in 2260-something, they encountered the Enterprise. Khan tried to take over the ship, but was defeated and he and his group, plus his new wife (a defector from the Enterprise called Marla McGivers), were marooned on Ceti Alpha 5. Fifteen years later, his planet barren and lifeless, he sought revenge on Kirk for his marooning and also the death of his wife.

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