Title: Khan Scribble
Author: Cardassianfire (cardassianfire at yahoo dot com)
Series: TOS
Pairing: Kirk/Khan, K/S
Rating: PG barely
Summary: A page from Kirk's personal log
Disclaimer: Paramount/Viacom owns Star Trek and the characters. It's fun to let everyone out of their restraints for a while, then put them back in their fuzzy pink handcuffs after we`re done with them. Also, my memory's bad and I have to rely on SciFi's butchered Trek :(, so if everything doesn't jibe with what really went on in the episode, sorry. First time trying Kirk's voice, so if it sounds funky, it's all my fault.
Archive: ASCEM if they want it, anyone else ask


by Cardassianfire

Captain's Log, Personal

I understand now how truly primitive humans were in Khan's time. As Spock can testify, I can definitely appreciate a powerful man and a challenge. I told him that if anyone could charm Khan right into his quarters, it would have to be me. I kept going on about how Khan and I would spend the evening. I mean, Khan is pretty much the ultimate top and my t'hy'la and I do have an open partnership. Spock gave me one of his smirks, and we entered the dinner reception. I could just imagine how Khan and I would spend the evening. That is, until he actually opened his mouth. Spock somehow brought up the topic of how Khan's crew viewed what was considered alternate lifestyles in his time. I suppose, looking back on it, I should have thought, fascist in politics, fascist in the bedroom. Not only did he go on about how man was created to dominate women and the universe, but about how he treated those sexual deviants, as he put it, in his time. I gave Spock a quick kick under the table, and somehow we got onto another topic. I had to put up with both McGivers' adoring looks to this bastard and Spock's smug expression the rest of the evening. In the morning, I'm thinking of putting a request to transfer McGivers. But tonight, I'm going to find some way to pay back Spock, just to remind him of who's in charge. And we can try out some of those things I told him about -after all, bottoming is fun, but sometimes tops do need to be put in their place too, especially by an emotional human like myself.


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