Title: The Biggest Stick
Author: longbeachtrekstar (longbeachtrekstar@yahoo.com)
Code: Khan/Mudd
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Mudd lands on Khan's planet. But is Ceti Alpha V big enough for both of these egos?
Beta: Fellow Mudder Lyrastar
Disclaimer: Paramount owns Star Trek. This is not for profit, just for fun. If Harry makes you an offer, report him to the proper authorities.
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Note: Written for the Fall 2003 KhanFest


by longbeachtrekstar -- September 2003

Khan sat at his desk, waiting for his subjects to return. He ran his fingers over the rich Corinthian leather of the armrests as he reflected on the last eighteen months. They'd made great progress here on Ceti Alpha V, despite its harsh environment, but he would never admit this to them. He would not let them grow soft and complacent -- he always demanded more. And he certainly would not allow outsiders to interfere in their affairs. Whoever was on the ship that had just landed must be dealt with.

He heard them approaching, returning with the unwelcome visitor they had been dispatched to apprehend. Their prisoner's protests preceded them down the hall. "Unhand me, you wretched cur! I am not accustomed to being treated in so vile a manner."

The chamber door opened, and Khan rose as his associates entered, holding the offender by the scruff of the neck and his flabby upper arms. They pushed him forcefully into the room, where he stumbled a few steps before crashing to the floor. He settled into a seated position, looking up at the dark-haired, dark-eyed figure looming over him. A moment of fear crossed the stranger's eyes before he regained his composure -- and his sense of outrage.

"What is the meaning of this?" he sputtered. "Outrageous! Utterly outrageous!"

Khan was only slightly amused by the buffoon's bravado. Turning to his followers, he waved them away, and they closed the door behind them as they left. Directing his gaze toward the interloper, he asked, "Who are you?"

"Harcourt Fenton Mudd," he answered, rising to his feet and seizing Khan's hand, pumping it enthusiastically. "A pleasure to make your acquaintance, Mister...?"

"Singh. Khan Noonien Singh," Khan replied, pulling his hand free with contempt. "I am ruler of this planet."

"The entire planet, huh? Impressive. Y'know, I once had a planet of me own..."

"Why have you trespassed here?"

"Trespassed? Good heavens, no. I was just looking for food and water. Been out traveling the stars, donít-cha-know. Seeking adventure. But me rations is running a bit low."

"Your ship is not configured for exploration." Khan eyed his visitor suspiciously. "What are you doing here -- really?"

"Well, y'see, actually I was a prisoner on this planet full of androids..." Harry stared off into space with a smirk on his face. "Ah, such lovely androids they were, too. But that devil Kirk had to go and reprogram them..."

"Kirk!" Khan's eyes flared at the name.

"Thousands of androids, and not one -- not one! -- would so much as give me a single hand job. Now I ask you, is that really too much to..."

"Captain James T. Kirk? Of the Enterprise?"

"That's the fellow. You know him? Goddamned boy scout. No account do-gooder, always doing good."

"Oh yes, I know him. I even took control of his ship once. But somehow he managed to get it back."

"Y'know, I was able to take control of his ship once, too. Funny how easy that always seems to be. But then, he always manages to get it back... Well, it wasn't just the frigid androids that drove me away. It was..." Harry swallowed hard and shuddered as he spoke the name. "Stella. Five *hundred* of her." He closed his eyes and shook his head to rid himself of the image. "Well, I just had to get out of there. Some poor bloke happened by in a shuttle, and I was off! Unfortunately, the ship wasn't very well-provisioned."

"Let me get this straight. You had a planet full of *mechanical* women? How absurd. What were they, prostitutes?"

"Ack! Harry Mudd's never paid for it in his life. They weren't just machines -- they were servants, my loyal subjects."

"Subjects who follow their programming. Not real people. *Real* people need a true leader to command them. *My* people do my bidding because they fear me. They respect me."

"Make up your mind."

"And what of heirs? Who is to rule over your planet when you are gone?"

"Well, seeing as how I *am* gone, that's a bit of a moot point." He winked at Khan. "Still, I wouldn't be a bit surprised if there was more than one Harry Jr. running around the galaxy."

"You are a little man, and your name suits you well. I doubt if you have ever pleasured -- let alone satisfied -- a woman in your life."

"Oh, really!" Harry undid his belt and fly. He pushed his pants and a garish pair of white-with-red-polka-dot-boxers down to his knees. Straightening up, he slapped his belly and declared, "Have a look at that, laddy-buck, and tell me you're not impressed." His flaccid penis hung below his ample belly, but there was no denying that even in its dormant condition it was of substantial proportions.

Khan leered at him. "You have the penis of a child." Undoing his pants and pushing them down, he revealed his own tool. "*That* is a man's cock!"

Harry squinted mockingly. "Where? I don't... oh, that! Huh. It's not nearly as big as mine."

"What? It is every bit..."

"It's smaller by an inch, at least."

"Well, it's an *erect* shaft that satisfies a woman, anyway."

"And you think yours would be bigger than mine when it's hard?" asked Harry as he began masturbating himself to erection.

"Twice as big!" declared Khan, stroking his own dick.

Moments later, both men stood in front of each other, pants around their knees, raging hard-ons pointing angrily at each other. Just then, the door from an adjoining room opened, and Marla stepped in. "Khan, honey, would you like me to... oh!" Her gaze landed on Khan's rigid cock, then Harry's. Her eyes widened.

Khan turned five shades of red in anger and embarrassment. "Out!" he bellowed, and Marla beat a hasty retreat.

"That the little lady?" Harry asked, absently stroking his member. "Well, she's rather petite. I'm sure you satisfy her just fine."

"Of course I satisfy her. Her and many others. Look how much larger mine is than yours."

"Oh, pleeeeeease. Mine is bigger by several inches."

Khan's redness deepened even more. "I'm telling you..." But as he spoke, Harry stepped forward, and the tip of his hard-on poked Khan just below his navel. Looking down, both could plainly see that Khan's phallus did not even touch Harry, coming up several inches short. Khan suddenly appeared crest-fallen.

"Now, now, Khannie. Don't start pouting. Yours is plenty big enough. It's just not in the same league as mine."

Khan was not ready to give up. "Size does not satisfy a woman. It takes stamina. I can outlast any man on this planet."

Harry looked at him sideways. "I really don't want to know how you know that."

"Are you afraid of my challenge?"

"Of course not. But look, I've beaten you twice already. Why should I want to bother again? What do I get if I win?"

"What do you want?"

"Well, to go free, of course. And some provisions."

"And if I win, you are my prisoner -- forever!" Khan began slowly stroking his hard-on.

"Now wait a minute," argued Harry. "You could soft-touch that sucker all night. That's no test."

"What do you propose?"

"We'll do each other." A look of shock swept across Khan's face as Harry wrapped his fingers around his dick. He looked fearfully at Harry's massive schlong. "Go on. It won't bite," laughed Harry. Never one to surrender, Khan seized Harry's dick like a soldier picking up a weapon.

Harry took long strokes along Khan's rigid staff. He pushed his hand into the wiry black mass at the base of Khan's shaft and squeezed tightly as he drew his hand along its length, over the veiny flesh, to the massive purple head. Occasionally Harry mixed it up by releasing the shaft and gently but firmly squeezing and tugging on the fuzzy sack beneath.

Khan also worked Harry's shaft, squeezing and pulling determinedly. They both worked completely by sense of touch, each set of eyes locked on the other's in poker-faced stares. Harry sensed the tempo of Khan's strokes increasing and thought it might reflect Khan's own impending finish. In a moment of weakness, Khan closed his eyes and leaned his head back, and Harry knew that he had won.

Most of Harry's strokes had stopped just short of the head of Khan's dick. With his next few strokes, he dragged his hand completely across the head and even added a little twist at the end. Khan's hips bucked involuntarily, and he moaned as jet after jet of hot, white fluid was launched across the floor. As the sensation subsided, he wobbled on his knees a moment, and a hot sweat broke out on his forehead.

Squeezing the last drops from Khan's shaft, Harry remarked, "My, you're a randy little buck, aren't you? You'll honor our agreement like a gentleman, I assume."

Khan gave Harry another sharp look. This bastard was constantly finding new ways to antagonize him. "I am a man of my word, Mr. Mudd." He made as if to pull up his pants and leave.

"Now hold on just a minute, there." Harry wagged his still-hard cock in front of him. "Don't you have some unfinished business to take care of?"

Khan took hold of Harry's cock -- none too gently -- and began working it again. No longer holding back, Harry allowed himself to enjoy it this time. He put both hands behind his head and closed his eyes as he bucked his hips back and forth, thrusting his cock in and out of Khan's pumping fist.

"Oh, yes," he moaned. "Oh, Alice... Annabelle... Trudy... Maisey... Oh, Norman!" In short order, he too exploded. Annoyed to see the first shot land across his desk, Khan steered Mudd's dick toward the floor. Only once Harry's eruption had ended did Khan feel that he could safely release him.

Moments later, they both had their pants securely fastened about their waists once again. Harry continued talking a mile a minute. "I say, Khan, have you ever thought of going into business? You've got the softest hands in outer spa-aaace!"

Khan had seized him by the throat with lightening quick reflexes and fingers of steel. "Mind your tongue, you pompous buffoon, or I shall most assuredly tear it out and feed it to you! You will never speak of this to anyone, under pain of death."

"Of course not, of course not." Khan released him, and Harry rubbed his neck, choking and coughing. "You just point me to my provisions and I'll be out of your hair forever."

Khan stabbed a button on his desktop intercom. "Joachim!" A moment later, the young man entered. He wrinkled his nose, and his eyes went immediately to the puddles on the floor. Having gotten used to it, Khan cursed himself for forgetting about the stink he and Mudd had raised. "Provide Mr. Mudd with a week's worth of provisions -- no more! Then escort him to his ship, and see that he leaves."

"Pleasure doing business with you, Khan-old-boy." Harry offered his hand, but Khan only looked at him disdainfully. "Yes, well, cheerio." As he exited the room, Harry called out behind him. "Just remember what me dear old pappy used to say... Walk softly, and carry a big stick!" His belly-laugh echoed down the corridor as he disappeared.

In the storeroom, Harry was watching Joachim fill some containers with assorted supplies when Marla entered. "What are you doing?" she asked.

Joachim paused in his task and looked up. "Khan has ordered me to provision this derelict, and then see him off the planet."

A twinkle lit up in Marla's eyes. "There's a mess in Khan's office, Joachim. Why don't you go clean it up... I'll see that Mr. Mudd gets off."


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