Warning: This one is saddish :'-(

Title: The Life-raft
Author: Farfalla
Contact: blueberrysnail@yahoo.com
Series: TOS
Codes: Kirk, Saavik, K/S implied (warning: Kirk might be out of character. But music can be a very powerful mind-screwer-upper)
Rating: There isn't any sex. I get so confused with this whole rating thing anyway.
Archive: ASCEM, AAK/SA, and nice people who ask first
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Summary: Kirk's grief at Spock's death is brought to ridiculous levels by the extremely passionate music he accidentally hears on the radio at his house. OK, so radios are out by that point. I didn't know what else to put. :-)

Disclaimer: The entire Trek universe belongs to Paramount and will not suffer much from the poking and prodding of our curious collective imaginations. We mean our beloved characters no harm and think that quite possibly they enjoy the variety ;-)
And Rodolfo and Mimí are characters in an opera, and I think that's public domain anyway.

Basically what where this came from, guys, is that Ami-chan and I watched TWOK and the opera La Bohême in the same day. It tends to make one *quite* overemotional... because if you are a spirkie they end in the same way.

Note: Illustration at end

Admiral James T. Kirk wandered around his domicile like a lost puzzle piece. The satellite radio was playing soothing classical music, but he hadn't noticed it for hours. He had finished all of his paperwork and was puttering around paying bills and putting away laundry, trying to fill the time with something other than missing the friend he had just lost. Hard to do, since nearly every item in the house held some sort of memory that was irrevocable linked with Spock. But Jim had always been a strong person and had been successful so far this afternoon in keeping his mind numbed with chores.

But the radio had other plans.

It was Saturday afternoon, and the classical station was playing its weekly opera broadcast. Today was Puccini's "La Bohême", a romantic nineteenth-century tale of a poet's love lost to tuberculosis. Unfortunately, Kirk hadn't been paying attention to the music when the opera began. If he had realized what was playing, he would have changed the station before—

The love songs. At the end of the first act, Rodolfo gently takes Mimí's hands in the darkness and tenderly sings about how cold they are. Flashing images of Spock's warmth holding him jabbed Kirk's heart as the music massaged the wounds further open.

The feeling worsened with Mimí's song, and by the time the real love duet started, it was too late for Kirk to turn off the radio. He was transfixed, but terrified of the total surrender to sorrow that the music was inflicting upon him. Its passion mirrored the lost passion of their lives, and Kirk lost control of himself. Music can be a drug, and Jim was about to OD.

Collapsing onto the sofa he started to weep. It is ugly to see a big man weep when no one is there. Longing tore at his heart as he remembered everything about his beloved Vulcan. Spurred on by the music, he was unable to stop himself from conjuring up images of smooth, thick black hair, of elegantly pointed ears, of the inevitably raised eyebrow above dark beautiful eyes. Spock and he had shared life and love. Every inch of his body screamed out for the touch of the warm Other that had disappeared forever. Not being touched by Spock was literally physically painful, and that was all that was left for Kirk. For the rest of his life. Spock had read his heart. Now that he was gone, what reason was there to have one? He felt like he was falling.

Saavik had come over to return a jacket and heard his sobbing through the front door. Instead of knocking, she let herself in through a side entrance and walked shyly into the room where Kirk was.

He had curled up into a fetal position, metaphorically drowning in a pool of his own tears on a leather couch that sobbing had rendered too clammy to be any comfort as a cradle. Saavik silently switched the dial on the radio. She had a feeling that if he was this affected by the extremely emotional music, the sudden loss of all sound would leave his mind with a void that could only be filled by the beginnings of insanity.

The new music was gentle acoustic guitar, serene and peaceful. Satisfied, Saavik walked wordlessly to Jim and enfolded him in her arms. She did not feel entirely comfortable with the human concept of a 'hug', but she knew that it was just what the Admiral needed.

He clung to her small, sturdy form and cried into her voluminous hair. Her hair, and her presence, stifled his weeping and his sorrows. He wasn't ready to swim out of his sea of tears yet, but he knew he would survive on this life-raft.

"He loves us," Saavik murmured. She did not use the past tense.

* * * * * * * * *

The end, At least until the next movie! ;-)

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