Title: Lullaby
Author: Farfalla
Email: blueberrysnail @ yahoo dot com
Website: http://spirk.cosmicduckling.com
Pairing: Kirk/Spock
Rating: NC-17, PWP
Beta: Hypatia Kosh ~ thanks for staying up late, Hy-kam!!
Disclaimer: They WISH I owned them!! ;-)
Summary: Bedtime is funtime in the Graysons' quarters

Warning: Graphic m/m marriage :-P


Kirk was already in bed with the lights out, but he wasn't asleep yet. It had always taken him a little while to sort out the day's thoughts in his mind and stop thinking long enough to relax into a sleepy state. It wasn't the pillow's fault; the pillow was certainly very soft, plump, and comfortable... *My compliments to the chef,* he thought, amusingly illogically. Well, that was one of the perks that came with being an Admiral and being a hero-- custom designer pillows. This one was from Austria, or was it Australia...? Hmm, maybe he *was* getting a bit sleepy finally.

A spear of light fell across the floor briefly as the door slid open and shut again quickly. Spock put down his things on a chair and quickly undressed in the dark. Kirk smiled at him lazily and waited for him to get into the bed. He was glad Spock had finally decided to turn in for the night; he knew how captivating those test-tubes could be! That was Spock, always into five projects at once....

Spock lifted the covers and slid into bed, slurping Kirk's pajama-clad bulk into his lanky embrace. Kirk ran his hands across the smooth skin on his husband's bare back and nibbled at his right earlobe. Spock responded by sweeping his hands with a light caress over Kirk's body from shoulder to thigh, and burying his nose in the dark gold hair. Kirk basked in the love implied by the touch. It was truly wonderful to be in command of a starship and serving alongside the one that you love...

Spock's roaming hand found Kirk's, and their fingers entwined as they began to kiss. Kirk's mouth still tasted a little bit like toothpaste, which was an amusing novelty. They molded their bodies into each other as they licked each other's tongues eagerly. Kirk slid his leg playfully over Spock's hip, subjecting him to a full body hug. His erection rubbed against Spock's thigh through his pajama pants, and he wriggled around to maximize contact.

Spock's own arousal, naked and smooth, was poking deliciously into his pelvis. The firm green shaft had found a home in the place where Kirk's pajama shirt had ridden up around his bare belly, soft and damp with sweat. Kirk loosened his hand from Spock's gently. Wrapping both arms around Spock's body tightly, he began to grind against his beloved Vulcan, hoping-- knowing-- that Spock would follow suit.

The two men humped each other tenderly under the growing disarray of the blankets. Spock planted his mouth firmly at the base of Kirk's neck and found a place to suck and lick that made Kirk writhe harder. With his head thus down, it was conveniently easy for Kirk's lips and tongue to reach the pointed tip of his ear... which made them both very happy, of course.

Breaths grew into gasps, and their motions wilder and with more force. Little grunts punctuated their insistent rubbing, and soon the pressure in their bodies released in twin contractions that spurted between them in soft, contented throbs. Kirk felt Spock's fingertips on his forehead and acquiesced happily. They blended into one another and held each other as orgasm subsided.

And the thought, just before Kirk fell asleep and just before Spock got up to clean himself off so he wouldn't be sticky in the morning, was "We love us...."


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