Title: Sweet Shepherd
Author: Farfalla the Butterfly-Kitten
Email: blueberrysnail (at) yahoo dot com
Website: The Kirk/Spock happyplace at http://cosmicduckling.com/spirk
Series: Star Trek TOS
Pairing: Kirk/Spock
Rating: NC-17, as in, you have been warned ;-)
Beta: Hypatia Kosh
Disclaimer: Paramount owns two lonely, straight, single guys, so this CAN'T be the same fellas, right?
Summary: Candy used in an inappropriate way--aw, how cute.
Written for the 2004 Slash Advent Calendar.

Sweet Shepherd

The two Starfleet officers lay naked in the bed, wrapped in a loose tangle of sheets and sweating legs. Kirk caressed Spock's arm in long, slow strokes that started near the Vulcan's shoulder and ended near the wrist. He knew he was teasing Spock by approaching his hand so closely but not touching it; for a Vulcan, whose telepathy is based on touch, the hand is a more erogenous zone than the mouth, and holding hands more intimate than a kiss.

"Jim," Spock sighed into the satiated silence, "I would like to discover the pleasure of penetration. My body cries out to accept yours; I wish to welcome you into myself as my mind has done so many times."

"I could make that really good for you," Kirk agreed, continuing his maddening caress. "You've never done anything like that before, have you?"

Spock lifted one eyebrow.

"Just making sure!" Kirk finally let his hand rest upon Spock's. "Even with yourself?"

Spock shivered slightly at the touch. "I had never felt there was any purpose to inserting objects or body parts into my rectum," he said. "It is what I have shared with you that has caused this desire to emerge."

"I'm... pleased... that you wanted to share this with me, then," said Kirk. "But since you've never been opened up before, it might be a little tricky the first time."

"Perhaps it might be prudent to... 'work our way up'?" Spock hazarded. "I hypothesize I might enjoy the sensation of being filled by your penis if it were not the first object to perform that function. I do contain a natural apprehension to the act that tempers my eagerness."

"Makes sense to me to start small," said Kirk with a grin as he rolled off the bed and onto his feet.

"Where are you going?"

"Getting supplies," Kirk explained as he darted around the room.

While he waited for the Human to come back, Spock curled up in the sheets in an almost feline spiral of limbs.

Kirk belly-flopped down on him when he came back, embracing Spock's entire body sideways. "Has anyone ever told you you're adorable?"

"I cannot recall," said Spock demurely. "When I a small boy of a few years old, I am sure my mother--" Then he began to gasp loudly, because Kirk was attacking his nipple with a dizzying combination of lips and tongue.

"In order to enjoy any kind of anal play," Kirk said matter-of-factly between slurps, "it's best to be completely relaxed."

"Logical," Spock moaned.

Kirk tickled and teased and kissed and licked every part of Spock's midsection and thighs until the Vulcan had liquefied and lay in a puddle of delirious pleasure on the bed. "Now, turn over, and bring your knees up to your chest."

Spock obeyed, folding up his body neatly.

Kirk kneaded Spock's rear end gently. He was naturally a little nervous, because he didn't want Spock to feel any more discomfort than necessary. Thank goodness *I've* got experience here, he thought to himself. If we were both inexperienced and neither of us knew what to expect... He knew that a little bit of pain--well, the wrong kind of pain, anyway--could dampen sexual arousal faster than warp speed. Not that they hadn't had enough fun tonight, but he was certainly ready for more. The bobbing, bright-pink erection between his thighs attested to that.

He wasn't going to invade Spock with that tonight, though. They had the rest of their lives for that, and he didn't want Spock to be sore the next day--or sorry he'd asked for it.

Instead, he popped open the little tube of lube and spread the smooth substance over the other object he had retrieved. Spock peered over his shoulder curiously, trying to see what Kirk was up to. "Jim, what are you holding?"

Kirk held up the item for inspection. It was a small, slender cylinder of white with red stripes spiraling over its glistening surface. "It's a candy cane," he said, smiling. "Merry Christmas."

Spock raised his eyebrow again. "I see you have generously lubricated it."

Kirk nodded. "It's also very small. See? I'm going to stick it inside you, and I'm going to aim for your prostate."

Spock responded with an expression that Kirk knew was a Vulcan smile. Through the vague mind-contact they shared through their close physical proximity, Kirk sensed that Spock was very eager and curious about what that kind of stimulation would feel like.

Kirk spread some more of the lube around the tight opening to Spock's body, and then brought the candy cane's rounded tip up to the entrance. Holding it by the hook, and massaging Spock's thigh with his other hand, he probed the very first millimeters of Spock's anus.

The opening accepted the peppermint stick but then closed around it tightly. Spock was nervous, or at least whatever a Vulcan would call the natural apprehension, since "nervous" was an emotion. "Relax," Kirk told him soothingly, and kissed him softly on one buttock. He massaged Spock's thighs until the muscles loosened up again and the candy cane was once more free to move.

"How are we doing?" Kirk asked as the candy stick slowly advanced a few centimeters into Spock's body. He stopped the movement and held it there, waiting for an answer.

"It is tolerable," Spock replied calmly. He was still trying to process the unfamiliar sensation.

Kirk knew it would be a while before Spock would feel pleasure at being penetrated this way, so he wasn't too worried about Spock's lack of enthusiasm--even for a Vulcan. Very, very gently he began to move the candy cane in and out, resting against the soft bedclothes beside Spock.

After a few minutes, he pulled the peppermint stick out of Spock and gave it another dose of lube. "Wouldn't want this to get sticky inside you," he commented as he slid it back in. The second entrance was easier than the first had been.

Soon, Spock had grown accustomed to the feeling of being invaded, and began to welcome the small moving object. Kirk watched Spock's anus begin grabbing and letting go of the stick, and he knew Spock was finally enjoying the activity.

Kirk decided it was time to make his husband moan. He slid the peppermint stick just a few centimeters deeper into Spock's body, slowly, until it nudged...

Spock writhed like a sea swell in a storm and let out a deep groan. Kirk couldn't help chuckling with pride--and with relief that Vulcans did have the same kind of prostate as did the Human species. "I guess that felt pretty good?" he asked, superfluously, through his grin.

"That was a highly... intensely... pleasurable..." Spock mumbled, as Kirk purposely drove speech from his mind with further prodding of the peppermint.

Kirk left the candy cane where it was, held safely outside by the hook, and moved his hands underneath Spock's body. When he felt how hard Spock had gotten, he grinned like the cat who'd swallowed the tribble. He ran his fingers luxuriantly over the thick shaft of flesh, then gripped it firmly. He could tell Spock was reluctant to thrust his hips into the gripping hand because of the concern that the candy cane might break, so he made sure to jerk his hand back and forth as rapidly and tightly as he could, to make up for it.

Remembering that he, as a humanoid, was lucky enough to have two prehensile hands, Kirk also went to work on himself, jerking off both himself and his Vulcan at the same time. It crossed his mind that such an event was an excellent opportunity for examining the tactile differences between the Vulcan and Human members. Or maybe not--maybe he was too turned on to care.

He squeezed and tugged both of them to completion, and flopped down alongside Spock when they had finished. Turning his head to one side lazily, he stared into Spock's beautiful eyes. "Was I a good teacher? I tried to be patient." He wiped a sweaty lock of hair from his face. Both of his hands were slightly sticky with fluid.

"You were very patient, and my body appreciated it," said Spock, gazing at Kirk peacefully, "but you were not a teacher; you were a shepherd, leading me towards penetrative intercourse."

"A shepherd? How's that?"

"You are, then unfamiliar with the cultural origins of the candy cane," said Spock. "They are reputed to represent the crooks of the shepherds that were present on the night of the original Christmas."

"Spock," Kirk said, blinking with surprise, "I never expected you to fall for an urban legend."

"Urban legend?"

"That's just a myth. There were already candies shaped like crooks before people started using them as Christmas decorations, and then people started inventing reasons on their own."

"I see." Spock furrowed his brow. "How illogical to fill information gaps with invented data."

Kirk rubbed his back playfully and then removed the peppermint stick from his rear end. He placed it carefully on the table beside the bed. "You know... Bones would never believe what we talk about in bed."


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