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Poems (24)

Melodies of Night
G, angsty. From SBS#10. Gol sucks.

R, PWP limerick.
Finest Team in Starfleet
G, limerick. Spock's a great partner! ^_^

The Undiscovered Sonnet
G, sonnet. From SBS#11. Kirk's reaction to Valeris's betrayal.

The Poetry of Passion
NC-17. Kirk and Spock's wedding night after Star Trek: The Motion Picture, with hot sex.

NC-17. Merely an erotic sonnet, written for Greywolf.

H'Hargashah H'Pashutah H'Zot (This Simple Feeling)
PG. From SBS#10. Spock is back from Gol and yearns for Jim. This is a sonnet written in Hebrew, and the English translation is next to it.

Rarer Still
G. Kirk's been all over the universe and seen plenty of unusual things, but one sight is especially dear to him.

Spirky Cumshot
NC-17. Silly little smutty limerick.

And the Children Shall Limerick
This Side of Limerick
The Enemy Within as a Limerick
The Naked Time as a Limerick
Amok Time as a Limerick
All PG or below. Self-explanatory.

Sunrise on Vulcan
Sonnet. Saavik is returning to normal after she hears that Kirk 'n' Spock are back together after the fal-tor-pan. K/S and S/Saa, G.

Not in Front of the Klingons
Spock isn't wild about public display of affection, is he? Taken from a scene in Star Trek V: The Final Frontier

Golden is the Spirit
PG-13; Kirk/Spock meets Salome in this Romulan-themed retelling of Oscar Wilde's drama, written entirely in iambic pentameter. It's near the end of the 24th century, somewhere between Generations and Nemesis, and the Romulans have finally captured Spock (in the John the Baptist role). What will happen to him once the lusty young Romulan princess sets her sights upon the prisoner?
Don't miss the illustrations, provided by Mina and Lovin' James T.!

SBS#9; PG, sonnet. Spock longs for Jim. Are his feelings returned?
Featured on SomethingAwful, 9/25. *giggle*

A Starship Named Desire
SBS#9; PG-13. Spock marries Chapel to get over his little 'problem' after "Amok Time", but who does he really love?

Garden Statues
G. Uhura's having a stressful week, but seeing Kirk and Spock nuzzling will cheer her up :-) SBS#8.

Sing a Song of JTK
G. Simple poetry about the life of our captain

Pon Faerie: epic verse
A retelling of Amok Time as a het fairy tale entirely in Shakespearean iambic pentameter. AU, obviously. ;-)

Double Dream
from SBS#7. Unspoken attraction...

Sulu's Poem
Sulu talking about the crew. G, poetry, vaguely K/S. Won a GO for 2002 for best TOS poem, second place.

Amok Rhyme
Amok Time in verse, from Spock's point of view

New Moon
Short poem about Spock's awakening to love-- partner not specified

Celestial Jellyfish
TNG/TOS poem where the pairing is a riddle.

From All the Crystal's Faces
Four poems in a series that tell a continuous story about ... what else?... unspoken love. Each poem from a different character's point of view, starting with Uhura. Last one is Jim's and it's a sonnet! Rated: PG

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