Title: Off the Clock
Author: Farfalla the Butterfly-Kitten
Email: blueberrysnail @ yahoo.com
Website: http://spirk.cosmicduckling.com
Betas: Leiabelle & Hypatia
Pairing: K/S
Rating: G
Archive: SBS#12, the All-Ages Kirk/Spock Archive, and nice people who ask first
Summary: Silly flirting with communicators
Note: This was originally written, in a much clumsier and raw form, into a Yahoo chat window with Mycroft. Thanks for the cheerleading!

Off the Clock

"All right, everyone, you have one hour for lunch. Don't stray too far from our beam-down coordinates, and keep your communicators on." Admiral Kirk stood back, enjoying the alien sunlight as he watched his crew pick through the breads, cheeses, fruits, and other comestibles that Scotty had beamed down. They'd been exploring this world since morning, and he could tell everyone was glad for a break to relax. He agreed with them--he couldn't remember the last time an away mission had traipsed through something so beautiful. They were in a meadow alongside a lake, and to their backs was a forest of short, full-crowned trees with maroon leaves.

Spock in particular had been enthralled with the color of the leaves. "Fascinating." He would have been hopping around like a jackrabbit if he were human. "On this world, the dominant plant pigment is anthocyanin, and not chlorophyll." He collected leaf samples, measured the intensity of the visible light, and otherwise immersed himself in the trees, which resembled Japanese ornamental plum in color.

Kirk loved seeing his soulmate so animated. He hadn't even seemed to notice the appearance of the beamed-down picnic, so Kirk made sure to collect enough food for both of them. He took a load of French bread, some soft cheese, a bunch of grapes, and a hard, crunchy Vulcan vegetable.

A few minutes later, Spock had calmed down about the purple forest and was sitting beside him on the shore of the lake. They were hungry, and mostly just ate without talking. Kirk was glad he had taken so many grapes; Spock's botanical excitement had apparently made him very hungry.

They sat very close together, their thighs touching passively--enjoying the contact, but with no need for it to be augmented. This way, without talking, they could both take comfort in the thoughts of "there is a spock there" or "there is a jim there", "and we are connected."

Swallowing his mouthful of bread and cheese, Kirk picked up his communicator and flicked it open. "Kirk to Spock," he said crisply.

Spock raised his eyebrow for a second, but then decided to join his bondmate in play. "Spock here," he said into his own communicator.

"Mr. Spock," Kirk said in his best businesslike voice, "I've discovered an unusual--life form on this planet, one unlike anything I've ever seen before."

"Really, Admiral?" Spock replied.

"I'm watching it right now. It's a tall, graceful biped, and it probably has very good hearing, judging from the size of its ears."

"Indeed," said Spock. "I, too, have encountered a rather remarkable organism."

"Yes, Mr. Spock?"

"I believe I am examining some sort of plant. It is of a golden color, and it is demonstrating some modicum of fluoresence. You are familiar with the term, Admiral?"

"Yes, I believe so," said Kirk. "The...light given off when a plant isn't using all the light it's absorbing?"

"Precisely. It is actually quite bright. In fact, I may be forced to shield my eyes."

"Be careful, Spock," Kirk said, smiling. "We wouldn't want you to get hurt."

"I do not believe the plant intends me any harm," Spock pointed out.

"Of course not, Spock." Kirk idly munched one of the vegetable sticks. "The, uh, the animal I've found appears to be a herbivore. I see it--eating fruit."

"Herbivores often exist in close ecological relationships with the plants from which they forage," said Spock. "The animal is nourished by the plant, and then pollinates its flowers or carries its seeds."

"Do you think the organisms we've found are linked like this, Mr. Spock?"

"More research and observation is necessary," Spock deadpanned innocently.

Kirk took a drink of water. "I will now try to communicate with the... creature...as best I can, using...primitive signals." He leaned closer to Spock.

"The plant appears to be motile, Admiral; it is approaching me," Spock murmured, before Kirk gently pushed the communicator out of the way and kissed him softly.

Their lips moved together for a few pleasant moments, and then they emerged for air. "The...alien is responding well to contact," Kirk breathed.

"The plant produces an intoxicating effect," Spock retorted in a sensual whisper. "You are quite the diplomat," he added, caressing the fingers of his beloved--on the hand that wasn't still holding a communicator.

"And you're a very dedicated scientist," Kirk purred.

They held hands the rest of the way through lunch.

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