Title: Liquid of Life
Author: Farfalla the Butterfly-Kitten
Email: blueberrysnail at yahoo dot com
Website: Kirk/Spock happyplace
Beta: Saavant
Pairing: Kirk/Spock
Rating: NC-17, PWP
Disclaimer: What, they came all the way to Florida and I still don't own them? Bah, oh well.
Summary: Some subtropical fruits enjoy one of Florida's afternoon rainshowers.


"That's... really some rain."

Admiral James T. Kirk was staring out the window of the hotel room he was sharing with Mr. Spock. Outside, a dark-silver Florida sky was venting its considerable water content on the palmetto trees and sandy soils below. This was no gentle, graceful sprinkle; the rain was coming down with full, fat force, and at an increasingly sideways trajectory. The palmettos and magnolias were used to it, and their thick, glossy leaves and fronds dipped and swayed grumpily, grudgingly agreeing to be pelted in exchange for the life-giving liquid.

Kirk and Spock, however, were not Florida foliage, or Florida anything else. Neither man had ever before encountered anything quite like this brazen summer thunderstorm, which had sprung up suddenly and hijacked the afternoon. According to the locals, this was par for the course in July and August. Apparently the clear weather of the previous day had been somewhat of an anomaly, and a big surprise.

And so, the 330th Anniversary of the first rocket launch celebration had gone off without a hitch. Starfleet had organized the event, gathering some dozen and a half of its most celebrated heroes together at the old Kennedy Space Center in Titusville. Of course, most of them were smart enough to realize that the whole thing was just engineered to give Starfleet some positive press. They'd need it if their proposals for the Federation to fund the new TransWarp Drive project were to be taken seriously in the public opinion.

That didn't stop Kirk and Spock from making the most out of the trip, however. They'd enjoyed touring the area during the morning, marveling at the beauty of the wildlife preserve. But the weather had finally caught up with them, and they'd hurried back to their hotel room as the sky darkened.

"Can you believe the air out there?" Kirk continued, turning away from the window. "It felt like a hand-towel at a fancy restaurant! Hot, heavy, and soaking wet."

Spock raised his eyebrow at the ridiculous simile. "Exceptionally humid," he agreed.

"Shame we're stuck in here," Kirk lamented. "This is my first time in Florida! I haven't even seen any orange trees yet." He picked up a travel guide, opened it to a page at random, then tossed it back down on the requisite circular table.

"Have you considered... indoor entertainment?" Spock inquired, stepping up behind him.

Kirk shivered as he felt Spock's breath on the back of his neck, the beginning of contact. He knew Spock would make him wait for more, so he simply let himself grow aroused in the interim.

"It is really quite... remarkable," Spock purred into his ear, letting his lips *just* not touch it, "how my Vulcan physiology is responding to the ambient humidity. Evolutionarily speaking, it is advantageous," he continued as he kissed Jim's ear lightly, "to feel the urge to mate," he mumbled into the ear lobe he had started to suckle, "when water is plentiful."

"Especially on a desert-- Ohhh!-- world," Jim gasped, as his knees weakened and he fell forward slightly into the windowsill.

Spock's fingertips danced lightly on the edges of Jim's shoulders. "Therefore my reaction is quite logical." He came closer, the bulge in his pants nudging against Jim's backside. "Do you agree?"

"Aaah!" was Jim's gasping reply. Lightning flashed outside.

Spock drew his body flush up to Jim's. Jim leaned back into his chest as thunder roared, and reached his arms back and up to place them in an awkward triangle around Spock's neck. Spock's right hand came forward and slid down into Jim's pants. He gripped Jim's stiffening penis thoroughly in his fingers.

"Oh, yeah..." Jim murmured, his eyes closing in pleasure.

Spock rubbed harder, up and down, pulling Jim's penis up so that the head peeked out past the waistband of his pants. He wriggled his hand out of the pants, leaving the organ trapped in the waistband and still slightly visible. Then, with a parting bump of his own erection against Jim's rear, he moved away from him in order to spin him around.

Spock studied the results of his handiwork with his usual studious Vulcan nonexpression. "You just gonna leave it there?" Jim grinned playfully. "I should go outside and get ice like this."

Spock's reply was to sink to his knees and silently start lapping at the fleshy tip. Jim groaned and wobbled back and forth. "Take it out," he murmured through slack lips. But Spock was making him wait. He licked and slurped away at the head of Jim's penis as if it was an ice-cream cone, not even touching the shaft or any other part of his body.

Finally, ignoring Jim's throatily-moaned protests, Spock once again rose to his feet. Jim took his hand and led him to the bed, their hands entwining and holding together tightly. Spock opened his fly with his other hand and by the time Jim was pulling him down on top of him, his erection had sprung free. It jutted firmly into Jim's thigh as Spock curled his long, lanky limbs around his bondmate.

"You don't do anything halfway, even hug," Jim commented, running his fingers through Spock's sleek black hair. He shifted around, jerking his hips slightly to rub his sensitive, half-exposed organ against Spock's.

"Does my embrace satisfy you?" Spock kissed the edge of Kirk's jaw wetly, with a little bit of teeth.

"Your *presence* satisfies me, Spock, your--existence," Kirk smilingly replied. "But my penis would appreciate--"

His words disappeared into a baritone cry of pleasure. Spock's quick hand had flown down to his pants, undone the fly, and was now cupping his balls lightly. He massaged them in gentle waves, and Jim's eyes rolled back in his head.

"Were you saying something, Jim?" Spock inquired from behind the coquettish fan of his eyelashes.

Jim's hand twitched semi-uncontrollably, groping near Spock's hip. A few aimless scrabbling caresses later, his fingers found their way up the slope of Spock's rear. He squeezed some of it affectionately, and Spock wriggled.

Jim found his tongue when Spock's hand left his sensitive balls. "Spock, we should get out of these clothes... I don't trust the hotel fresher. Had one of them beat my favorite shirt half to death when I was a lieutenant."

"Indeed." Spock immediately propped himself up with his knees and started unbuttoning Jim's shirt. His change of posture left his erection open for Jim's grasp, and Jim didn't waste the opportunity.

He grabbed it and began playing with it with both hands like a beloved toy. His thumbs rubbed the underside, and he milked it within the curve of his fingers. It was hard and warm and Spock made it twitch, just for fun. Jim stuck out his tongue slightly in response.

Quick as an eagle, Spock dove down onto that tongue and sucked it out of its hiding place. They kissed messily, licking the wetness of each other's energetic tongues. "Shirt," Jim reminded the inside of Spock's throat.

"Yes, t'hy'la." While they kissed, Spock continued disrobing his mate. Shirt disposed of, Spock traced the fingers of both his hands lightly down Jim's chest, retracing his path across the nipples several times. As they perked up his caress grew more firm until it became a full-palmed massage.

Jim's hands hadn't been able to move with Spock's body pressed down so close to his, but they still gripped Spock's shaft. Spock moved away a little to give him better access, sitting up and straddling Jim's thighs. His hands thus freed, Jim began pumping vigorously.

Spock squeezed Jim's erection, still trapped inside the black pants, and then set about unwrapping his plaything. He closed both hands in a tight grip around it and drew deep groans from Jim's lips, fallen open in passion.

They pressed their hard penises together and gradually worked their way around so that they were holding hands around the two shafts, fingers linked like the weaving of a basket. Spock, sitting at a right angle to Jim's body, leaned his head back and closed his eyes. Jim watched from the pillow, admiring the beauty of a highly-aroused Vulcan. Their hips jerked, pushing together the hot skin of their organs as the room was illuminated by brazen flashes of lightning.

"Yeeess," came from the back of Jim's throat. "Spock....." He could feel himself ready to come.

Spock knew, and swiftly bent his body inward to take the smooth head of Jim's penis into his mouth. Into that warm, wet paradise, Jim shot his fluid with a sensual sigh.

Jim thus satisfied, Spock took his own throbbing erection into his hand and inched his straddling thighs up Jim's body. As Jim watched from underneath eyelids half-closed in dreamy pleasure, Spock jerked himself off with stabbing thrusts into a tight fist. Drops of gelatinous Vulcan semen rained down upon Jim's bare chest.

Spock cleaned Jim up with his tongue. Then he snuggled up next to him with a contented nuzzle, his nose just below Jim's right ear. This afternoon had been a pleasant respite from Starfleet's busy schedule--their exciting but busy occupations left them with little cuddle-time.

"I like Florida weather," Jim murmured, turning his head on the pillow to kiss that nose.

"Did I ever tell you," Spock replied, "about the sandstorms on Vulcan? They have been known to last for five days."

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