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Farfalla's Kirk/Spock Story Recommendations

These stories are my particular favorites and my best suggestions for anyone who is a new K/S fan or a printzine fan coming to the world of internet K/S for the first time.

Looking for...

A long story with an creative, episode-style plot with lots of adventure and tender, enjoyable first-time romance?
Sensate Focus by Lyrastar, NC-17
Set immediately after "Amok Time". Political intrigue, adventure, and a blossoming romance dovetail in this fine work of fiction.

A long story with an intricate, creative plot of good sci-fi and angsty, heart-tearing romance?
Gemini Setting by Lyrastar, NC-17
Impossible to describe without spoilers but a true masterwork of K/S

A short, hot, established-relationship erotic interlude?
The Chess Game by Islaofhope, NC-17
Movie-era married K/S playing strip chess, followed by luxuriant sex.

A short, hot, wacky erotic humor piece?
James and the Giant Penis by Hypatia Kosh, NC-17
Based on the animated series episode where someone makes a fifty-foot clone of Spock. While Spock goes to work making a giant Jim to be the giant Spock's lifemate, giant Spock and regular Jim get it on.

A funny friendship story about the four main crewmembers with a surprising streak of poignant romance?
The Game, by Jesmihr, PG.
Kirk, Spock, McCoy, and Scotty having a conversation in a bar. Very in-character and amusing, with a neat romantic ending.

A short, romantic ghost story?
From Starfleet Public Relations by Lyrastar, PG
An aging Spock roams a museum exhibit of the old Enterprise, communing with Kirk's soul.
Till Human Voices Wake Us by Jane St. Clair, PG
Jim's ghost keeps an aging Spock company on Romulus.

A mirror-universe themed first-time story with a lot of plot and angst but a happy ending?
Through the Looking Glass by Rari Cross, NC-17
Mirror Spock pays the Enterprise a visit.
Reflections in a Golden Eye by T'Guess, NC-17
Mirror Kirk has his way with our Spock.

A hot tale involving groping of Spock's private place while in a public place?
What Goes Around... by kira-nerys, NC-17
The Enterprise officers are on shore leave and Jim and Spock know how to party their own special way.

A hot bondage story where Kirk is the dominant but very loving and tender?
The Perfect Fucktoy by Hypatia Kosh, NC-17
A romantic and loving vision of total bondage, with Spock as the willing submissive.

Minnesota's answer to K/S?
Kirk and Spock Go Ice-Fishing by Jungle Kitty
Incredibly funny parody! "If my grandmother from Minnesota wrote K/S," it says.

Something short, angsty, and powerful?
The Knife, by Mrs Spock. PG.
Spock deals with the events of "Journey to Babel"

A tongue-in-cheek humor piece about Kirk and Spock as affectionate childhood friends?
Stinky Meat Eater by Hypatia Kosh, G

Other stuff I haven't categorized yet

Fire on the Mountain by Greywolf the Wanderer, NC-17

My Own Worst Enemy by Ketsu Rei, NC-17

Playmates by Deanna, R
Fun with Action Figures!! yaaay

A Rude Preschool Person by Mary Ellen Curtin
Very funny!