Farfalla welcomes you and thanks you for your interest in "Flower Power", her first Uhura/Chekov story!

Cover art by Jeremy

Note: Although they only play secondary roles inthis story and barely even get any "screen time", Kirk and Spock are depicted as committed life-partners (lovers) here. Actually, it's kind of central to the plot, even though the main focus of the story is the Uhura/Chekov romance and their interactions with Sulu.

The story is rated NC-17 (for certain parts!).
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I know that some of my friends would rather not read erotica. To enable them to enjoy "Flower Power", I present this color-coded version. This is the same, complete text as the other version, but all the sexy bits with Uhura and Chekov are typed in purple instead of black. Anything Kirk/Spock that fits that description is in green. This also may be helpful for slash fans who want to read the story for its action and comedy but are squicked by het... and vice versa, of course! ;-)


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