Title: On to the Next Thing
Author: Farfalla the Butterfly-Kitten
Email: blueberrysnail (at) yahoo.com
Website: COSMiC DUCKLiNG Star Trek fanfiction
Pairing: U/C
Rating: PG, vignette
Summary: Uhura gets promoted to captain after Star Trek VI.

On to the Next Thing

"We're promoting you to captain, Nyota," said the Starfleet admiral seated behind the desk.

The one in the leather chair swiveled towards her. "Your service for the past several decades has been exemplary. You're probably the best communications officer Starfleet has ever seen, and of course, not many people can say they've helped save the world."

"More than once," Admiral Desk piped up.

"More than once!" Admiral Chair echoed.

"You've done so much in your life," a third admiral who'd been hovering in the back of the room by the coffee and donuts. "You're quite an amazing woman!"

"Thank you, gentlebeings," Uhura replied. What a wonderful thing to come home to after the Enterprise-A's final mission was completed. It hadn't been entirely unexpected, of course. Sulu had been promoted long ago, and Scotty was probably in a similar meeting right this very second.

"You get some well-deserved time off, of course," continued Admiral Desk, "and then we put you back to work!"

"We actually have two choices of posting for you," said Admiral Chair.

"Federation Starship Cook starts her first mission in three weeks," said Admiral Coffee-and-Donuts, walking over to the rest of them. "Her mission will be primarily to deal with cultures new to encountering the Federation. Since your background is in communications--which includes anthropology--and since you've been present for many first-contact situations during your years with the Enterprise, your name naturally came up when discussing a choice for captain."

"Or," said Admiral Chair, "you can take over my position as head of Starfleet Intelligence when I retire in two months. The traversable galaxy just got a whole lot bigger thanks to you and your shipmates saving the peace process, and it's going to be real important to keep ourselves informed of any new developments."

Uhura sipped her coffee, thinking. The eyes of all three admirals were on her intently. Finally she answered. "I think I'd like to head the intelligence department. I've been traveling through space for thirty years, and I want to try something new."

"Excellent! That settles that." Admiral Chair stood up, and everybody else followed suit. He walked over to Uhura and shook her hand. "Congratulations."

"Thank you." Uhura smiled warmly and met his handshake with a firm grip. "If you have no objections, I'd like to take Commander Pavel Chekov with me. He's served in space nearly as long as I have, and has shared in all our heroics."

Admiral Chair looked at Admiral Desk with questioning eyes. "He has a background in weapons, science... speaks several languages," Admiral Desk offered.

"He's also Captain Uhura's 'special friend'," Admiral Coffee-and-Donuts piped up.

Three pairs of eyes swiveled towards her. "Are you asking that he be posted to Starfleet Intelligence with you because he's an exemplary officer, or because you're sleeping with him?" Admiral Chair asked bluntly.

She could have gotten indignantly offended. Instead, she replied coolly and calmly, "Would I be sleeping with him if he weren't an exemplary officer?"

The three admirals looked at each other, their expressions mellowing. One of them commented, "That's right, I forgot, they're Enterprise officers."

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