Title: Mind Touch
Author: Sara
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
Pairing: K/S
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Kirk and Spock form a mind link. PWP.
Disclaimer: This is an appropriate disclaimer. These guys don't belong to me, they belong to Paramount/Viacom. I'm only borrowing them and will return them in good condition and happier than I found them. I promise.
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Betas : Farfalla was a huge help from beginning to end. I can't thank her enough! Lyra helped with polish and clarifying the language. Any errors that remain are my own fault and probably because I didn't listen to them.

Mind Touch

Two of Spock's strong, warm fingers stroked gently over Jim Kirk's cheek, the index and middle fingers of his right hand. The heat and tingling electricity they left on Jim's skin could be felt for long moments after the touch had moved on, like the lingering trails of light seen after a bright flash in a darkened room. The cumulative effect of the residual tingling left Jim's whole face feeling energized and alive.

"This will awaken any latent telepathic ability you have. It is the first step in joining our minds," Spock whispered, as he trailed a heated pattern across Jim's face. The path of the two fingers seemed as though it might be random, but Jim knew it almost certainly wasn't. "Relax your body and your consciousness."

Jim tried to speak, but when he first opened his mouth, no sound came forth. He licked his dry lips and tried again, "Will we be bonded?" His whisper was hoarse and rough with longing, for both the caresses and the bond, though he also felt a small amount of trepidation.

"No. That will come later, t'hy'la. But we will be linked to one another much as I was linked to T'Pring. It is the first step toward full bonding."

Jim smiled faintly and nodded just a bit, unwilling to move enough to disrupt the delicate pattern being traced over the charged skin of his face. His eyes were closed, but he could imagine the look of intent concentration on Spock's face. A thrill ran through him at the thought of the intensity of Spock's full focus being turned on him.

The gentle, warming touch continued until Jim could feel the heat, the electric thrill, burning through his body and pressing at the edges of his mind. Gradually, so gradually that he almost failed to notice it, the physical sensations settled in his groin and he could feel his erection starting to press against his trousers. His breaths came more and more rapidly, until he was almost panting with arousal.

Eyes still closed, Jim reached blindly toward Spock, wanting to touch, to share the physical pleasure. They were not yet experienced with each other's bodies, but he wanted to learn. His own desperate desire and need fueled his wish to explore. He was stopped, though, by a soft, deep, "No." His made a small noise of disappointment as his hands fell back to his sides and clenched and released in the covers of his bed, screwing the fabric into twists and knots.

As the soft touch on his face continued, Jim could feel each moment of contact as though Spock were stroking his cock directly. He opened himself to the caress, allowing his legs to fall open and fruitlessly inviting a hand to envelop the cloth-covered bulge of his entrapped erection. The physical touch also fell as a gentle force on his mind; it was not a mind meld, he was familiar with that sensation. It was just a faint hint of mental contact, like the weight of falling snow.

Some non-verbal sign must have passed between them, because Spock's strokes on his face, which were originally deliberate and gentle, increased in speed and intensity. Jim was dimly aware of the pressure of his cock against the fabric of his trousers. Without any conscious volition, his hips began to make a slight thrusting motion, seeking something, anything, to provide relief for his aching erection, to assuage his burning desire.

But the only pressure he could feel was the weight against the walls of his mind, as Spock encouraged Jim to open his awareness, his soul, to him. So the urgent need in his body became as urgent a need in his mind, a need for completion. Mentally, he pushed back against Spock's touch.

At that, the mental pressure increased again, as did the pressure and speed of the two fingers still moving without break or pause in that almost random pattern on Jim's face. Vaguely, Jim could hear himself moan as all the sensations became too much to bear. His mind opened and he drew Spock inside himself as his cock swelled and shot spurt after spurt of hot come into his trousers and Spock triumphantly finished the final stroke of the pattern with his first and only touch across Jim's sensitized lips. Jim cried out with the joy of it, shaking and gasping for air.

Jim melted back into the bed, pulling Spock down so his head rested on Jim's chest. In his mind he could feel Spock, his pleasure, his love. He could even feel the mental effects of his orgasm, and Spock's, rippling back and forth between them.

As they recovered from their post-orgasmic haze, Kirk could feel Spock's awareness retreating, until he felt  alone in his own mind again. The sudden loneliness made his throat tight. Jim coughed slightly to try and ease it as he wondered how nonsensical it would sound to Spock if he said that he missed him.

As he was wondering, Spock spoke, his own voice hoarse, "The link is made, t'hy'la. You are no longer alone." With those words, Kirk became aware of the faintest touch of Spock inside his mental barriers, a spider-spun thread of connection between them, and he sighed in happiness.

"You say being bonded will be even better?" He asked with a twinkle in his eyes.

"I have no personal experience, of course, but the mental contact is said to be significantly more intense."

Jim looked at Spock through his eyelashes and quirked a tiny grin at him. "That will be something then."

Taking Jim's hand, Spock pressed it against his groin, so Kirk could feel his spent cock and the dampness at the front of his trousers. "You have indicated that as we become more familiar with one another sex will be more pleasurable?"

"Oh, yes. I never even touched you." Kirk reached out with two fingers to touch Spock's ear, stroking along the edge to the tip.

"Indeed?" Spock whispered, as he shuddered slightly at the touch. "Fascinating."

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