TITLE: Snowman
SUMMARY: Kirk and Spock build a snowman. Silly, fluffy PWP.
DISCLAIMER: Kirk, Spock, the Enterprise , and the entire Star Trek Universe belong to Paramount/Viacom. I'm just taking them out for a little fun and will return them cleaned and dressed when I'm done. No profit is being made from this.
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PAIRING: Kirk/Spock
FANDOM: Star Trek: TOS
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"Jim, I will not 'play' in the snow with you. It is cold and, as you well know, Vulcans do not play," Spock said, standing just inside the doorway of the cabin they had rented for their shore leave.  He was looking out onto what he saw as a desolation of snow and ice. Clearly Jim saw it differently; wearing a heavy coat and gloves, he was laughing happily while picking up handfuls of the snow, forming them into spheres and throwing them at nearby trees.


"Come on, Spock. We'll make a snowman," Jim said, starting to shape a large ball out of the snow.


Spock restrained a sigh and stepped out into the cold. "What is the purpose..."


Jim smiled and interrupted, "The purpose is fun, Spock, or enjoyment, if you prefer that word." He stood back looking at the giant ball of snow, evaluating it from several angles. "What do you think, does that look big enough?"


Spock raised an eyebrow, then gave up his objections. Through the years of their relationship as friends and, recently, as lovers, he learned that there was no resisting James Kirk when he was feeling playful. "I believe it is too small. With this as a base, the snowman can be stable up to at most .74 meters tall."


Spock pulled on his gloves and tightened the collar of his thermal coat. Bending over, he helped make the snowman. He formed the snowman's torso and searched for appropriate materials for the facial features. As they worked, he found the closeness and camaraderie quite pleasant. He would, however, have preferred a much warmer activity...


When the snowman was nearly done, Spock said, "Jim, it is cold. While you find arms for the snowman, I will tend to the fire in the cabin and make us some hot tea."


Jim yanked two small branches off a nearby tree and walked back to Spock, saying, "You go in and feed the fire. Start warming up. Don't make tea though. I'll bring you in some hot cocoa in a minute. It's the perfect thing when you're cold."


Spock nodded and retreated to the house. Adding logs to the fire, he kneeled before it holding his hands out to banish the chill. He simply couldn't understand Jim's predilection for physical contact with ice. Spock's hands were still cold, though no longer aching, when Jim sat down next to him with two steaming mugs.


Spock took one gratefully, cradling the mug in his hands to make the most of its heat, both inside his body and out. He sipped at the cocoa through its blanket of marshmallows. "I thank you. The cocoa is most pleasant." He felt the warmth seeping through him and began to relax.


After their cups were empty, Jim kicked his boots off then moved behind Spock and gently pulled so his lover was leaning against him. Jim wrapped his arms around Spock's waist and began kissing the Vulcan's long neck. Spock murmured with appreciation, shifting his head so as to provide better access.


Punctuating each sentence with a lick or nibble to Spock's neck, Jim whispered, "The best part of playing in the snow is warming up afterwards. Come, let me warm you up, lover."


Exploring Spock's ear with his tongue, Kirk slid his hands up under the thick black sweater the Vulcan was wearing. Spock tensed, afraid that Jim's hands would be cold on his warm abdomen, but they weren't. Jim's touch brought an electric heat to his body, tingling over his skin. As Jim stroked his chest and stomach, moving upwards to find and tease a nipple, Spock felt the electricity gathering in his groin. He stretched back, making more of himself available for Jim to touch.


One of Jim's hands continued to tug at a nipple, sharp pinches on the edge of pain interspersed with more gentle caresses. The other one slid down, very slowly, touching just the tops of the hairs on his stomach, leaving a tingling trail where the skin felt alive and the nerve endings were sensitized. Spock moaned. The sensation was exquisite, almost too delicate, but it was lighting his nerves on fire.


Jim slid his hand under the waistband of Spock pants and briefs eliciting another moan when the fingers curled around the hot, hard cock trapped inside. Spock tilted his hips so that Jim could have better access to his cock and rolled his head back on Jim's shoulder. Jim took the opportunity to take the tip of Spock's ear into his mouth and nibble just on the tip. The triple stimulation was amazing and Spock just lay there and accepted the  pleasure he was being given, thrusting slightly into Kirk's hand and panting.


Gathering his wits and his will to move, Spock reached down and opened his pants, sliding them as far down as he could reach, wanting more of Jim's fiery touch. Jim chuckled and whispered in his ear, "Feeling warmer already, huh?"


With that, Kirk moved. Spock sighed when the warm hands were taken from under his clothing and the comforting support behind his back disappeared. "Here, Spock, let me." Kirk removed Spock's boots and then his pants and briefs. Spock pulled Kirk's sweater off and threw it aside and then removed his own. Jim knelt between Spock's legs, stroking first gently then firmly the hairs on the long, lean legs. The gathering heat spread over Spock's body, causing his cock to jump.


Spock reached toward Kirk, pulling him close for a kiss. As their tongues twined, exploring each other's mouths, Spock lay back pulling Jim with him so that their bare chests were pressed hard together. He sighed with pleasure at the feel of the firm muscles under satiny bare skin and caressed Jim's back, sliding his hands down toward the tightly muscled buttocks. 


Instead of warm skin though, Spock's hands found cold fabric. Using his wiry strength, Spock flipped them over, so that Jim was lying on his back on the blanket as Spock kissed his way down Kirk's neck and along his collarbone. Spock's mouth busily explored the contours of Kirk's neck and shoulders with lips and teeth and tongue as his hands opened Jim's pants and found the velvet hardness within. Jim groaned slightly, arching his back and throwing his head back, exposing more tendons for Spock's mouth to taste.


Instead, Spock backed away and stripped off the human's pants and briefs in a single movement. He bit sharply at the point of Jim's hip, taking the sting away with a softer stroke of his tongue, then took Jim's rosy cock into his mouth. Jim moaned and allowed a few seconds of this, but then he rolled them over again.


"I'm warming you up, remember," Kirk said. He then kissed Spock firmly and ran a fingernail lightly between the two ridges on Spock's jade cock. Spock groaned into the kiss at the fire of the touch and bucked into Kirk's hand, trying to get more contact.


Spock couldn't summon thought or words, just sensations. He felt his nerve endings sizzling and his skin tingled. Kirk stroked his cock firmly, spreading the natural lubricants there over the entire length. Spock began to thrust into the firm touch, wanting to feel more. Kirk took his hand away and Spock whimpered slightly at the lost contact, and then moaned when he saw that Kirk was spreading the gathered lubricant onto his own cock.


Spock spread his legs wide, allowing Jim to reach his tender opening. The sight of Jim's strong hand on his own cock made Spock hunger for the feel of that cock inside him. Spock groaned as Kirk's hand stroked over the sensitive ring of muscles, touching off answering sparks in nerve endings all over his body. Kirk kept one hand on Spock's cock, stroking the shaft firmly and occasionally ghosting touches over the tender head and between the ridges, keeping Spock achingly hard. The other hand busily prepared him, stretching and softening the hard muscle of his anus first with one finger then with two and three.


When he felt the head of Jim's strong cock pressing into his passage, Spock cried out with the burning pain and pleasure of the feeling. He fought to keep his muscles relaxed as Jim pressed slowly inside with a series of small thrusts. The pain passed quickly, leaving only the beautiful feeling of fullness and deep pleasure. Spock nodded. At that signal, Jim began to thrust more deeply; each thrust hit a sensitive place inside Spock sending warm ecstasy shooting like sparks throughout his body.  Spock moved, meeting each thrust, driving Jim into him harder and deeper. Each thrust drove the air out of his body in short, sharp breaths.


Jim reached between their bodies to take Spock's cock in his hand again, stroking it in time with his thrusts. Spock moaned and panted at the combined pleasure and looked at Jim through hooded eyes. Spock could see Jim fighting off his own climax, holding back so that Spock's pleasure could continue as long as possible. Jim was biting his lip, his face twisted in a mixture of pleasure and concentration. Spock squeezed with the muscles inside him and, grabbed Jim's ass with both hands,  pulling him in hard and deep. Jim's control shattered as he cried out "Spock!!" and, with savage, deep thrusts, exploded inside Spock. Spock rocketed over the edge himself and shot his own hot cum over their stomachs.


Some time later, after Jim gently cleaned them up with a warm, damp towel, they lay naked in front of the fire, Jim's head resting on Spock's chest. Spock, comfortably warm, inside and out, purred and said, "I believe I now see the attraction of snow, Jim."


Jim chuckled and snuggled closer, pulling a blanket over the two of them. "Maybe we can build a friend for our snowman tomorrow."


"Only if we get warm in the same manner afterwards," Spock said, pulling his human tight against his body and falling asleep.

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