Spirk... because pointed ears are made for licking
intimate screencapture
Click on this genuine snap to enlarge

Screencapture Rapture!

Orpheus of the Stars
Romantic screenshots from the end of The Search for Spock and a very long quote from Ovid's Metamorphoses illustrate how Kirk can be seen as a spage-age Orpheus... but a successful one!

Shore Leave backrub scene
What site with K/S caps would be complete without this? Includes audio file also.

Please, Captain, not in front of the Klingons!
...from Star Trek V, when Kirk is beamed up to the Bird of Prey after his little tiff with PseudoGod

We Are Boyfr- I mean, er, Nomad
Kirk clutches at Spock after the disastrous little mind-meld with the Nomad probe thing

The Motion Picture: romantic reunion and promise without words

So close!!!
Screenshots of all those times They Almost Kissed... or at least got really close together. ;-) Includes turbolifty goodness :-D

Errand of YUMMM
Spock in velvet, and Kirk in a paper bag.

Spock's "Fluff Dispenser" from Star Trek V: The Final Frontier: the source of Kirk's favorite food? This spread's a bit naughty, but I only wrote the captions--I didn't direct the movie ~_^

Return of the Archons: Kirk and Spock dressed up like characters from Our Town. Jim, we know you're from the Midwest, but really! ;-)

Spock dressed all in black, looking like he's all set to go out and booty-dance with Jim at some club... (from Naked Time)

Reborn in the Ocean
Kirk and Spock playing "splashy-splashy", as Eddie Izzard calls it ;-)

Transportation enjoyed by the lovely couple during Voyage Home

Kirk and Spock fleeing a fighter jet in the "Shore Leave" episode. They manage to grope each other quite prettily in the process :-P

Anti-gravity boots for one can be twice as fun with two!

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