Title: A Starship Named Desire
Author: Farfalla
Email: blueberrysnail at yahoo
Series: Original Series Star Trek
Pairing: Spock/Chapel, Kirk/Spock - poetry
Rating: PG-13?
Website: The Kirk/Spock happyplace at http://spirk.cosmicduckling.com !
Beta: the suave debonair Hypatia
Archive: SBS#9, ASCEM, AAK/SA. All others, please ask. Written for the Mess with Christine page...
Disclaimer: The entire Trek universe belongs to Paramount and will not suffer much from the poking and prodding of our curious collective imaginations. We mean our beloved characters no harm and think that quite possibly they enjoy the variety ;-)
Summary: Immediately following Amok Time. The title is a reference to Tennessee Williams.

A Starship Named Desire

Once the Vulcan Mr. Spock
Had recovered from the shock
Of beholding his dear friend not so dead as he had thought,
He squelched his joyous grin
And retreated back within
Years of logic and control, like the way he'd once been taught.

The captain and chief surgeon
(Here I differ from Ted Sturgeon)
Knew that Spock had not fulfilled the ancient calling of his genes
He had not escaped their curse
And his mind called to the Nurse
To that helpful, nearby golden thing who called herself Christine

He could barely help his need,
So the Vulcan came to feed
They were married, hastily, as Kirk bandaged up his scar
And he took her to his bed
Though she was not in his head
She was there for him to slake his thirst and hunger in pon farr.

Once the danger had decreased,
Bedroom tenderness there ceased
She respected him for what he was, as once she said she would
And she realized, as of late,
She was not his true soulmate
And grew weary of pretending she was feeling as she should.

One night, after working late,
Chapel, guided by some fate,
Paid a visit to Spock's quarters unannounced and just to talk
As she walked on through the ship,
Uhura caught her 'round the hip,
Seemed to want to tell her something, but instead just let her walk.

She approach'd Spock's darkened room
In the starship's midnight gloom
Nudged the door to open slightly with her medicated glove
In the dimness, shadows moving
Unintentionally proving
Vulcan logic and tradition had deferred to Human love

Where she'd lain upon Spock's bed,
Captain Kirk reposed instead
And both the men were wearing nothing else but sweat and passion
Arms wrapped tight 'round one another
Brother, t'hy'la, friend and lover
Affection superceding desperate, mindless satisfaction

Chapel watched them through the black
Hidden past the doorway's crack
"I never knew you loved me!" gasped Jim. Clearly, their first time.
Spock caressed him and he groaned
Chapel felt like she was stoned,
So surreal it was, as Spock purred roughly "T'hy'la, you are mine."

Christine Chapel shut the door
She didn't need to witness more
And back to Sickbay's where her feet desired her to go
Bones was there when she arrived
Working, sleepy but alive,
He saw her face and understood and slowly uttered, "Oh."

Bones took time to pour her drink
So that she had time to think
She considered what her feelings were, and found no bile or grief
And the truth she knew she'd find
Something settled in her mind
What she actually felt-- was a strange kind of relief.


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