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Kirk/Spock Stories (125)
"And he was meant to follow Jim Kirk to the ends of the universe." --Gamin Davis, "Land of Silver Birds"

Do I Look Fat to You?
NC-17, PWP, from SBS#11. Kirk's not fat, he's just... cuddly, right? Alternative coding for this story is Spock/Kirk's tummy.

R, from SBS#12. Kirk hates the new Starfleet-issue alarm clock, so Spock has to think of another way to wake him up in the morning.

Bonding for Dummies
PG-13. In the early days of their marriage, Kirk and Spock find their lives once again complicated by Vulcan biology. Set during the second five-year mission, directly after TMP.

Stardate: Monday
PG-13. A mysterious affliction befalls Captain Kirk after returning from shore leave. Takes place during the third five year mission. Originally printed in T'hy'la #26.

Spilt on the Silt
NC-17. Spock takes Jim during the Amok Time combat scene. Right there in the dirt.

His Golden Smile
PG. An aged Spock gives advice about pon farr to his Vulcan student. Written for Kindle My Heart #2.

The Only Choice
NC-17. Spock shows the Squire of Gothos that James T. Kirk is the only Shatner character for him.

Toil and Trouble
NC-17. Kirk rejects the advances of a beautiful Ambassador, and she places a curse on him in revenge.

Universe Within a Heart
NC-17. A whale and a bear guide a resurrected Spock back to his emotional place in the world.

The Teapot Dome Scandal
NC-17. Kirk and Spock visit an alien teahouse and have the usual adventures. For Diegina.

Cover Slip
G. Do paramecium have t'hy'la?

NC-17holycrap. This is Spock's low point--very, very low. This story was originally printed in Dark Fire, so take that as a warning (or an advertisement, if that's your poison!)

Bella Luna
G. Kirk wanders Sarek's mansion, searching for the missing pieces of a Spock who is revived but unwhole. Written to celebrate Beethoven's birthday on the Kirk/Spock Advent Calendar 2006.

A Very Monster Christmas
R. Spock is kidnapped by a giant alien! Kirk has no clothes on! What a way to spend a shore leave...

The Nineteenth Dream
G. What really happened in the Nexus--Kirk explains why Generations got it all wrong.

Very Perceptive Creatures
PG-13. In the wake of the tribble adventure, Kirk and Spock discover their feelings for each other in the face of LOTS of adversity.

NC-17, from SBS#17. After "The Immunity Syndrome", Kirk realizes that his feelings for Spock haven't jeopardized their working relationship after all, so he finally expresses them.

Spock's Hot Date
NC-17. Spock is waiting for the perfect moment to get physical with his picante captain.

The Best Costume at the Party
Cadet Kirk shares a delicious encounter with a new friend he meets at an Academy costume party. Only trouble is, he thinks Spock's only *dressed* as a Vulcan for Halloween!

R. Pon farr puts some pretty bizarre images into Spock's subconscious, but Jim helps him deal with his fears.

Heavy Petting
PG-13. A wedding night with too many kittens.

A Little Spice
PG-13. While trying to successfully complete a mission, Spock ponders how he can fulfill Kirk's unusual Valentine's Day request. Story contains references to recreational spanking.

The Cupid Overlap
PG-13. Spock thinks that matching Jim up with his human cousin (Amanda's niece) is the only way he can get Jim into his family. Or is it?

Marriage of True Minds
R. Spock senses that Kirk is hiding something. Story based on the premise of a Spock who is asexual outside of pon farr.

In a Pinch
PG. On St. Patrick's Day, Spock has a Big Sekrit Evol Plan to get some nookie from his captain, but there are complications.

Flux Æterna
R. "I cannot tell a lie. I made love to him in a cherry tree."
Rhythm: Flux Æterna II
PG. Kirk and Spock lie in each other's arms after returning from the twentieth century--and from Spock's oddyssey of death and amnesia.
Chimes: Flux Æterna III
R. Kirk and Spock re-pledge their trust with a moment of intimacy before the battle with Chang in Undiscovered Country.

The Dilemma of the Disappearing Dessert
G. While visiting McCoy's daughter's vacation home in Colorado, Spock's gift for Kirk turns up missing.

Gioco Per Due (Game for Two)
NC-17. If Jim is a tribble, what does that make Spock?

The Curious Conversion of Captain Kirk
PG-13. Spock's pon farr has some unusual side effects for Jim. Halloween humor.

PG. Spock kisses in a different language. (Post-"Amok Time")

For Better or Immersed
R. Spackle from the TAS episode "The Ambergris Element." Kirk and Spock have been altered without their knowledge into waterbreathing creatures that cannot survive without help on the ship. In a tank in Sickbay, they wait while McCoy tries to figure out how to reverse the change...

In Love With My Captain
G, vignette. Spock indulges in some shameless Kirk-worship.

The Impossible Possibility
PG-13. Kirk and Spock have their first intimate encounter in a melded dream. When is a first time not a first time?

Nightmare--From Another Dimension!
NC-17. Mirror Chapel finds herself on the regular Enterprise and attempts to implement a "fuck-or-die" scenario on the "wimpy" Federation versions of her brutal, boorish captain and his ruthless sidekick. One problem--some things are *very* different in this universe...

Sweet Shepherd
NC-17. Spock decides he wants to try a new sexual practice with his ever-helpful lifemate. Warning for candy used in an inappropriate way. ~_^

My Cup Runneth Over
G. Kirk wants to surprise Spock on their anniversary with a bit of bubbly.

Big Liquid Eyes
G. The Enterprise's new diplomatic passenger is a purebred pug that becomes unusually attached to Mr. Spock.

Golden, Tangible
R. Spock belongs to Jim, and wants his body to reflect that somehow. Written for the inaugural issue of the zine Dark Fire. This story contains romantic, consensual D/s.

Inside and Out
R. Jim's first few mind melds have an unexpected side-effect.

Hope Lives in Many Universes
PG, TOS/LotR crossover featuring Denethor. In the depths of his despair at having 'killed' Jim, Spock meets someone who has walked this path before.

Fruit of the Tree
G. Spock is troubled following the encounter with the 'planet killer'.

Companionable Solitude
G. Two Vulcan belles happen across Spock in a park playing chess against himself.

Star Trek: The Guinea Pigture
G. A retelling of Star Trek: TMP with Kirk and Spock as guinea pigs. Why is Spock acting unfriendly, and what is V'Ger?

Senescence and Sensibility
G. Kirk's reading Sense and Sensibility and Elinor reminds him of someone.

Bedtime Stories
G. What happens when Kirk falls asleep while reading in Spock's quarters? (Note the rating, sigh...)

Inside Jim
R. A Spock squicked by anuses approaches his first time penetrating Jim with both apprehension and anticipation.

Sleeping Around
PG-13. Is Spock sleeping with the Captain, or not?

On, Admiral!
PG-13. Why is Kirk late coming home on Christmas Eve? Humor written for the 2005 Slash Advent Calendar.

Light Blue
R. Spock is hurt and Kirk provides a bandage that reveals something about him.

R. Spock's happy thought for the day is Jim's balls.

G. Sometimes, it takes a llama to bring Kirk and Spock together.

Grief Management, Vulcan Style (With Human Assistance)
G. Jim finds out how Spock mourned him when he was declared dead in the Tholian Web.

Big Bottom
NC-17. Spock finds Jim's pudginess eminently logical--and useful. With smirking apologies to Spinal Tap. Kirk's dial, we all know, definitely goes to eleven.

Kiwi Canoodling
NC-17. A Christmas Day canoe trip turns naughty for our galactic heroes.

A Visit
G. M'Ress visits Kirk while he sits shivah for Spock at his Starfleet desk job.

Brothers with Benefits
PG. After Spock's return from Gol, Kirk and Spock try to define their complex friendship.

Deadly Memories
R, humor. What was REALLY behind Valeris's scream when Spock mind-probes her in The Undiscovered Country

Chicken Soup for the Starfleet Soul
G. Admiral Kirk helps a young crewman come to terms with his own orientation.

Haystacks and Waterfalls
NC-17. Kirk and Spock share an erotic fantasy within two famous works of art.

I'm Dreaming
R. Kirk has nipples. Spock plays with them.

A Word or Two
G, vignette. Spock wishes Kirk goodnight on his birthday at the beginning of The Wrath of Khan.

Pin the Kiss on Cherry Abbott
PG-13. Spock feels a little out of place at Sulu's bachelor party, but Kirk's there to fix things. (Sulu/Rand, if you're wondering.)

The Hyla
G. Cadet Spock is lonely on a Starfleet Academy field trip and searches the wildlife around him for companionship.

NC-17, PWP. In the afterlife, angels Kirk and Spock decide to have sex inside the sun. Light bondage, but no S&M.

Flower Power
NC-17 in places, humor. While the crew is on shore leave at an alien version of Mardi Gras, Uhura, Chekov, and Sulu are amused by their commanding officers' romance.... until their own antics accidentally threaten to ruin the entire evening for all! Really a U/C story, but the entire plot hinges around K/S...

In Sickness and in Health
G. Kirk embarasses himself at his own wedding. Written for the SBS#13 "Worst Day Ever" Challenge.

A Wish in the Mist
PG, present-day AU. Twenty-five years ago Iowa attorney general Jim Kirk fell in love with the Christmas Elf. When will they finally be allowed to be together all year round?

Kirk and Sock
PG vignette about cozy cuddling on the sofa on a cold winter's day.

NC-17. Admiral Kirk learns from a scientific journal that male Vulcans can suck themselves off, and wheedles Spock into letting him watch. Ever wanted to see snowballing while melded?

Touching and Touched
G. From SBS#10. Spock is trying to put himself together after the fal-tor-pan. Putting the Admiral back together might help.

Daycare, the Final Frontier
G, TOS-AU. Shuttlecraft crash, cave story... all kiddie-style! Best friendships are born in the San Francisco Daycare. Part of the Cliche Fest.

Requiem for Mattel™
G. Daycare AU. Spock is upset because Jimmy has been ignoring him lately, so McCoy tries to help.

Snuggle in a Snowdrift
NC-17, PWP. In the middle of winter, Kirk and Spock wake up and engage in sugary flirting before making love in a huge featherbed.

G. Kirk and Spock stand on a pier in San Francisco and talk about the animal kingdom.

Liquid of Life
NC-17, PWP. What shall Kirk and Spock do while stuck in a hotel room on a rainy day in Florida? Hmmm....

Hunting Elk
PG-13. Kirk looooves to watch Spock in the gym.

Semen-chanted Evening
R. Kirk plays chemistry-set with Spock's semen.

Off the Clock
G, from SBS#12. Silly flirting with communicators.

Stuck on You
PG, h/c. Jim's having a nightmare, so Spock decides to fix it with a meld.

For the Love of Peace and Quiet
G. After "Journey to Babel", Kirk and Spock drive everyone nuts by having long conversations across Sickbay while recuperating from their various adventures. Note: Story was slightly hijacked by McCoy/Chapel UST.

Jim in Jeans
NC-17, PWP, challenge response. Spock teases Jim on the bridge with silent, telepathic fantasies.

Once Upon Amok Time
AU, PG-13, Sulu/Rand, Kirk/Spock, Rand/T'Pring, and others (and mention of McCoy/Chapel.) In a far-away kingdom, forces conspire to rid the beautiful young Crown Princess Janice of her happiness. (From the FFF round 14)

My Type
G, vignette. Spock overhears gossip about the captain that he doesn't quite understand.

Grandma's Goodie Box
G. Kirk gets an extremely late Christmas package from his maternal grandmother.

The Intruder
G. Something goes wrong during an away-mission mind-meld between Kirk and Spock.

Rose Hips and Vulcan Lips
NC-17, PWP, from SBS#11. Spock gets cold while visiting Jim's mom during an Iowa winter, and he needs a shower. Marital smut.

Another Piece of Action
From KSOF2003. PG-13. Somewhat post-trilogy (i.e. just after the birth of the Enterprise-A), McCoy is having disturbing visions of pinstripes...

Kirk's Idea
PG. Spock is back from Gol, and Jim thinks of a novel way to prevent Starfleet from separating them.

G. Spock has trouble understanding the appeal of a Terran snowglobe.

NC-17, PWP, from the SAC2003. Starfleet's star couple expresses their affection on the express... fun with shuttlecar blackouts ~_^

Of Sunlight and Blue Roses
G. Bittersweet. Spock visits an old friend and decides to stay awhile.

A Friendship Rare and Well Done
PG, h/c. Even the captain catches a cold from time to time, but at least he has a friend like Spock to cheer him up.

Everybody Loves Lesbians
NC-17. Spock doesn't understand the logic of Kirk's enjoyment of lesbian porn, so Kirk tries to pique his interest by making up a fantasy about Christine Chapel and Leila Kalomi hooking up in a toolshed.

Higher Than the Azure Sky
G. Bad love poetry and phytochemistry are among the topics of Kirk and Spock's leisure-hour conversation

Out of Uniform
NC-17, PWP. Circa 2288, Kirk and Spock enjoy each other's company in a storage compartment. Part of the Valentine's Day fetish challenge.

Catching a Wild Goose
G. TOS/TNG crossover, K/S and R/T, set after Star Trek: Nemesis. In a universe in which K/S never happened, Spock comes on board the Titan and fools around on the holodeck.

R. From KSOF2003, based on a challenge by JS Cavalcante: "Kirk witnesses Spock receiving a blowjob administered by another member of the crew. Kirk & Spock are not lovers at the time & never have been. What happens?" Note: It's not what you think!

Aria: a tempo
NC-17. From SBS#10, and sort-of a standalone sequel to "Recitativo". One of those post-Amok Time first time stories!

Vicious Rumors and Lies
G. Kirk and Spock prepare to face the usual slander...

I Wake to You
PG and AU, from SBS#10. What if Spock never went to Sickbay at the end of Amok Time?

Eat Your Vegetables
SBS#9; R. Food flirtation in a New York deli

PG-13, AU, humor. T'Pring never challenged the marriage, and Spock's off with his new wife. Kirk drinks in a bar...

It Adds Up
R, humor. Part of the Cliche Fest. Spock stands guard over Kirk in a cave during a rainstorm.

How to Grow Wings and Fly
From SBS#9; G. TNG crossover with Data/Tasha Yar, set in the Afterlife. Kirk and Spock use a combination of faith and logic to cheer somebody up. Contains major spoilers for Star Trek: Nemesis

The Subconscious Has a Logic All Its Own
SBS#9; R. What if Jim had been able to save Spock by making love to him in the reactor room....

Smart Mouth
PG-13. Will Spock be able to love Captain Kirk despite his garlic breath?

NC-17, PWP. A little more elaborate than just a simple kiss goodnight...

There's Always Room for Captain
PG-13. Not your average cave story.
Featured in SBS #8.

Picnic in Sycamore Park
G. A sunny day, late in the life of our heroes... Kirk and Spock admired from afar by a young mother on a park bench. SBS #8.

Where no Melon . . . .
PG-13/humor. Spock is intrigued by the purported properties of an unknown Terran fruit...

Farr Flung
R. At the end of Voyage Home, Spock is 56... which is divisible by seven, isn't it? ;-) Oh, and I hate telemarketers. Originally featured as the Dec. 22 K/S on the Slash Advent Calendar. Also appears on the Pon Farr Fest.

A Slash Pine Romance
K/S as woodpeckers. Rating: G, for the love of God!! This comes from being a forestry student.

Two Peas in a Pod
G. Kirk and Spock get stranded in space again, ho-hum *yawn*

Search the Seas
G. Kirk's soul, in death, waits for Spock to find him. Originally featured as the Dec. 11 K/S on the 2002 Slash Advent Calendar.

Kirk and Spock get stranded in a defective shuttlecraft, with only one spacesuit between them. Rating: R. Originally featured as the Dec. 4 K/S on the 2002 Slash Advent Calendar.

Captain Curve
In 7 parts, some of which are NC-17. A wacky romp that ends in romance. Hard to summarize without giving away plot surprises. ;-)

Green Heart
NC-17. Kirk reminisces on the events after "Amok Time" that brought him and Spock together. Originally featured as the Dec. 20 K/S on the Slash Advent Calendar. Also appears on the Pon Farr Fest.

R, humor. While slating his pon farr on his willing captain, Spock speaks in Vulcan... what is he saying? Originally featured as the Dec. 23 K/S on the Slash Advent Calendar. Also appears on the Pon Farr Fest.

The Life-raft
Post-TWOK weepiness. Kirk misses his t'hy'la. A lot. Rating: G? Includes illustration.

Shatner on the Set
Fictional!!! Parody of what it might have been like to film the infamous "elevator scene" from "And the Children Shall Lead". Rated L for Ludicrous :-P

One Lonely Evening Online
Spock goes into a chat room and gets some advice from The Simpsons's Waylon Smithers about his crush-from-afar

Passing Notes in Starfleet High
Kirk gets Uhura to ask Len to ask Spock if he likes him. *giggle!* Remember high school?

USS Enterprise Chat Room
Tune in to a conversation among our favorite bridge crew as they waste *almost* as much time as we do on Instant Messenger! PG-13/humor... I think.
Followed by a brief Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets chat parody.

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