Title: Sunrise on Vulcan
Author: Farfalla
Fb: blueberrysnail @ yahoo . com
Website: cosmicduckling.com
Codes: [G] K/S, S/Saa, sonnet
Disclaimer: Paramount owns Trek. I own Claudia, and you can't have her!!! :-P ;-)
Summary: Saavik is returning to normal after she hears that Kirk 'n' Spock are back together after the fal-tor-pan.


The sunrise is returning to our hearts
New dawns will blossom from our separate stars
I stow beneath my memory all the parts
That hold a truth that now is just T'Lar's

I watched you falter when you saw his face
The pain in his when you remembered not;
Within your heart again he'd find his place
In death, your dearest t'hy'la you forgot

But now I hear your love has found its way
And memories returned within your soul
I greet another endless Vulcan day
And watch as Eridan eclipses Sol

And never think of Genesesian night,
When you were forced to seek a different light.

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