Title: Marriage of True Minds
Author: Farfalla the Butterfly-Kitten
Email: blueberrysnail (at) yahoo dot com
Website: http://cosmicduckling.com/spirk
Pairing: K/S
Rating: R
Summary: Kirk is hiding something.
Title from Shakespeare sonnet #116**.

Marriage of True Minds

Spock had spent his life perfecting the truth of the assertion that he was a highly logical being. It was important to him that his emotions remain hidden at all times, lest they disprove by their outward expression the Vulcanhood he had so diligently cultivated.

Therefore, when he sensed a disquieting cocktail of emotions pulsing through his new bond with James Kirk, he did not spring from the laboratory bench and rush to join him. He remained in the science lab and completed his data collection for the day, and did not rush off foolishly like a teenager in a Shakespeare play. He was a Starfleet officer on the job, and since Jim's life was not in danger, Spock's work was more important.

But he could not stop himself from thinking about it while he worked.

He analyzed the transmitted feelings one by one.

First, he felt arousal. This was nothing new--Kirk was a highly sexual being and erotic thoughts frequently laced his brainwaves. But this time it was stronger, more urgent, with more depth and harder to ignore. What was he doing?

Spock also felt Kirk's unskilled human mind trying to shield from the bond, and not quite knowing how to go about it. He felt the emotion of secrecy, of something clandestine being committed. He could also tell that Kirk was in a small, secluded place. As his hands worked agilely on the task before him, a theory began to coalesce in his mind.

Kirk was aroused, and trying very hard to hide it from his mate, and he was not in his quarters.

Logically, he must be--with somebody. Why else the secrecy, the strange location?

Spock put away his laboratory materials for the day and switched off the machines he'd been using. He cursed himself for his optimism--he should have known that any human--especially one as physical as James Kirk--would not have been able to endure faithfulness to an ascetic Vulcan. More is required for a good mate rather than merely a good friend. Once in every seven years was natural for Spock, but unnatural for Kirk. It was as simple as that. Spock had merely not wanted to admit to himself that this was inherently incompatible, unless Kirk was willing to make certain sacrifices. That did not appear to be the case, so Spock pondered his next move.

He decided to confront Kirk, calmly, right now--especially since he was curious about the identity of Kirk's partner and he knew his "honorable" captain would not reveal the name if questioned about it later.

Hiding with his extreme telepathic skill his own probing mind, he poked gently into Kirk's badly shielded thoughts.

A hazy image of the walls of a brightly-lit tube danced in Kirk's mind. A Jeffries tube! Kirk was conducting sexual activity inside a Jeffries tube.

Which one? Spock aimed himself towards the bond as he walked through the ship's hallways, carefully "listening" telepathically at each likely place. He must have looked strange to any crew members who might have seen him, but this was nothing new. At least his face betrayed nothing of the nausea he was beginning to feel.

At last, he found the place. Taking a deep breath, and checking to make sure nobody else was in the hallway to see what happened, he opened up the hatch and peered up inside the tube. "Captain?"

Kirk, completely alone, looked down at him, sheepish and startled. His trousers were open, and his hand was closed in a tight fist around his hard penis. "Spock?" His expression resembled that of a child who had been caught with his hand in the cookie jar.

"Why are you masturbating in a Jeffries tube?" Spock inquired, relieved beyond measure that Kirk had been alone all along. To find out that they were incompatible in any way would have broken him in a way he still would not admit he could be broken...

"I, uh... I didn't want you to find me?" Kirk ventured. "Looks like it wasn't too effective."

Spock cocked his head, trying to phrase his next question, but Kirk extended his other hand before he could say anything. "Come on up here and close the hatch. Someone's gonna notice you down there shouting up at me and I don't exactly look like a paragon of military discipline at the moment."

"Logical," Spock agreed, and let Kirk help him climb into the tube. He pulled the hatch door closed from the inside, then examined his mate.

Kirk's hair was damp and his face was shining with sweat from his exertions. The organ in his hand had been at full turgidity when Spock had first appeared, but now it seemed to be calming down a bit after their brief exchange of conversation. "I hope none of this disturbed you from your work," Kirk offered.

"No, it did not," Spock answered, "although I will admit--the combination of thoughts leaking through your insufficient shield were such as to make me hypothesize adultery."

"Adul--what??" Kirk's eyes widened. "I--how could you even *think* that? I've had my fill of emotionless, disconnected sex. After being with you, anything else seems boring and tasteless. And besides, I would never hurt you like that."

"I am pleased to hear this, Jim." Spock said gratefully.

"I'm sorry about the masturbation, though," Kirk continued. "I... guess.... humans just don't have that kind of control." He looked at his own penis wistfully. "It's going to be really difficult, Spock, I'm under no illusions about that--but I know I can do it if you help me."

"Do what?" Spock was completely confused.

"Give up climax for seven years."

"Give up--climax?" Spock looked at him, astonished. "Jim, I do not require you to relinquish your body's natural functions! I could no more ask you to stop consumption of food or air, and the resulting outcome would do me as little good and as much harm."

"But you're completely asexual outside of pon farr." Kirk furrowed his brow. "We discussed that. I promised you I'd never bother you about that."

"My body is not receptive to that nature of contact--that is all."

"Meaning that what I do to my own body doesn't make you uncomfortable?"

"Precisely--far from it. When you are satisfied physically, I am content that you have fulfilled a biological need--just as I am content when you have eaten a large, healthy meal. It is the way of Vulcan mates. They ensure each other's physical heath this way throughout both their lives."

Kirk exhaled loudly and leaned back against the wall of the tube. "Well, then, I'm very glad we had this conversation! What a misunderstanding."

"And this is why you hid your masturbation from me?"

"Yes, and what's more--I felt guilty about the fact that I was hiding something from you, and that I was still doing it at all, and it was making it *very hard to come!*"

"That is no surprise. From my reading I have learned that distraction interferes with the sexual process, especially because it is a highly mental activity as well as physical," said Spock.

"I guess we should get out of the tube so I can finish this in my cabin," said Kirk, putting his penis back into his pants. "I'm sorry I tried to hide it from you."

"I am grateful for your concern for me," said Spock, "but Jim--please do not mistake the nonphysical nature of my love for a *distaste* for the erotic. It does not fill me with revulsion--after all, that is an emotion. It merely has no effect on me. I need, as profoundly as you require this release, the certainty of your companionship, of sharing everything with you that we can logically share. Please, let me be with you when you climax. I will hold your body and make sure that you are comfortable."

"That's... very sweet, Spock." Kirk paused. "Sounds great for me, but not for you. I'd feel a little selfish, being the only one coming all those times."

"Please stop thinking of me as if I were a Human mate," Spock asserted. "We do not have the same needs. My need is for a companionship of the spirit. You must think of this need as no less important than the need of Human mates to copulate."

"I think I understand now," said Kirk, beginning to climb down. "Thanks for being patient with me."

"We have much to learn," Spock answered, opening the hatch.

"That's what a relationship is always like," Kirk said with a grin, and they hopped down into the hallway.

A short while later, Spock caressed the hair of the satiated human who lay in his arms. Each fulfilled in his own way, they both regarded the pleasures of the afternoon as a success--after all, though their bodies might be vastly different, it was with the same contentedness that their breaths now fell steady and satisfied.

**Let me not to the marriage of true minds
Admit impediments. Love is not love
Which alters when it alteration finds,
Or bends with the remover to remove.
O no! it is an ever-fixed mark
That looks on tempests and is never shaken;
It is the star to every wand'ring bark,
Whose worth's unknown, although his height be taken.
Love's not Time's fool, though rosy lips and cheeks
Within his bending sickle's compass come;
Love alters not with his brief hours and weeks,
But bears it out even to the edge of doom.
If this be error and upon me prov'd,
I never writ, nor no man ever lov'd.
--Wm. Shakespeare