A Word or Two

by Farfalla the Butterfly-Kitten
blueberrysnail @ yahoo.com
Thanks to Hypatia for the idea. Rated G.

Admiral Kirk lay in bed on his side, facing the little viewscreen in the bedroom. Mellowed from the effects of Dr. McCoy's alcoholic birthday gift, he listened to Spock tell him about all the little stories and adventures of this week up in the Enterprise. The hijinks of the trainees Spock was teaching made for an unusual bedtime story, but anything would have sufficed--just to be able to share these last few moments of his--birthday--with Spock in some way made him rest easier.

"Did you have a good birthday, Jim?" Spock finally asked when he had exhausted his anecdotes.

"As good as I let myself, I guess. Of course, I'd have had more fun if you were down here, but that's Starfleet. I'm just glad you called to sing me to sleep." Jim nestled against the pillow. "Sure would be nice to have you within hugshot."

"Hugshot, Jim?" Spock regarded him quizzically. "Did you find that word in the archaic volume I presented you this morning?"

"Dickens? Use a word like 'hugshot'?" Kirk grinned. "Yeah, sure." He knew Spock knew he was kidding.

"Good night, t'hy'la. I will see you at the inspection." Spock held two fingers toward the screen on his end, and Kirk mirrored the action as best he could in his state of exhaustion and inebriation. Then the screen blacked, and the connection was cut.

Kirk closed his eyes, hugged his pillow tightly, and fell into a good dream.

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