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Note: These are in chronological order with the newest at the top. This may seem dominated by Kirk/Spock, but there are other pairings too, including unusual het ones.
Please stay away from these stories if you don't want to read graphic erotica, or are not permitted to by law.

Inside and Out
TOS, R. Jim's first few mind melds have an unexpected side-effect.

Inside Jim
TOS, R. A Spock squicked by anuses approaches his first time penetrating Jim with both apprehension and anticipation.

Golden, Tangible
TOS, R. Spock belongs to Jim, and wants his body to reflect that somehow. Written for the inaugural issue of the zine Dark Fire. This story contains romantic, consensual D/s.

TOS, NC-17, Kirk/Spock. After "The Immunity Syndrome", Kirk realizes that his feelings for Spock haven't jeopardized their working relationship after all, so he finally expresses them.

Light Blue
TOS, R, Kirk/Spock. Spock is hurt and Kirk provides a bandage that reveals something about him.

TOS, R, Kirk/Spock. Spock's happy thought for the day is Jim's balls.

Gioco Per Due (Game for Two)
TOS, NC-17, Kirk/Spock. If Jim is a tribble, what does that make Spock?

Big Bottom
TOS, NC-17, Kirk/Spock. Spock finds Jim's pudginess eminently logical--and useful. With smirking apologies to Spinal Tap. Kirk's dial, we all know, definitely goes to eleven.

Spock's Hot Date
TOS, NC-17, Kirk/Spock. Spock is waiting for the perfect moment to get physical with his picante captain.

The Best Costume at the Party
TOS, NC-17, Kirk/Spock. Cadet Kirk shares a delicious encounter with a new friend he meets at an Academy costume party. Only trouble is, he thinks Spock's only *dressed* as a Vulcan for Halloween!

The Warm Wet Center of the Universe
TOS, R, Sulu/Rand double drabble. A brief erotic interlude laced with nerdy double-entendres.

And Thy Breasts, Its Clusters
TOS, R, McCoy/f, Kirk/Spock drabble. McCoy isn't exactly enjoying having a Spock in his head. The title is a quote from the Song of Songs, 7:7.

Whale, I'll Be Damned
TOS, R, Spock/Gillian Taylor drabble. Gillian likes 'em big.

The Nose Knows
TOS, R, McCoy/f, others drabble. Who smells like pussy?

TOS, R, Kirk/Spock. Pon farr puts some pretty bizarre images into Spock's subconscious, but Jim helps him deal with his fears.

Marriage of True Minds
TOS, R, Kirk/Spock. Spock senses that Kirk is hiding something. Story is based on the premise of a Spock who is asexual outside of pon farr.

Flux Æterna
TOS, R, Kirk/Spock. "I cannot tell a lie. I made love to him in a cherry tree."
Chimes: Flux Æterna III
TOS, R, Kirk/Spock. Kirk and Spock re-pledge their trust with a moment of intimacy before the battle with Chang in Undiscovered Country.

Deadly Memories
TOS, R, Kirk/Spock humor. What was REALLY behind Valeris's scream when Spock mind-probes her in The Undiscovered Country

Haystacks and Waterfalls
TOS, NC-17, Kirk/Spock. Kirk and Spock share an erotic fantasy within two famous works of art.

Sweet Shepherd
TOS, NC-17, Kirk/Spock. Spock decides he wants to try a new sexual practice with his ever-helpful lifemate. Warning for candy used in an inappropriate way. ~_^

I'm Dreaming
TOS, R, Kirk/Spock. Kirk has nipples. Spock plays with them.

The Chocolate Klingon
TNG, NC-17, Worf/Troi, Picard/Q implied. Q pulls a bizarre prank on Worf and Deanna.

Why Deanna Married Riker and Not Worf
TNG, R. Riker/Troi & Worf/Troi humor.

Simply Soft
TOS, R, Rand/Barrows. A knitting lesson turns into fluffy, femslashily femmy action.

Boxing Day
TOS, NC--17, Kirk/Spock, Kirk/Uhura/Chapel/Rand. Due to an overdose of holiday cheer, Spock invents some amusing fantasies about Santa and his female elves.

Nightmare--From Another Dimension!
TOS, NC-17, Kirk/Spock. Mirror Chapel finds herself on the regular Enterprise and attempts to implement a "fuck-or-die" scenario on the "wimpy" Federation versions of her brutal, boorish captain and his ruthless sidekick. One problem--some things are *very* different in this universe...

For Better or Immersed
TOS/TAS, R, Kirk/Spock. Spackle from the TAS episode "The Ambergris Element." Kirk and Spock have been altered without their knowledge into waterbreathing creatures that cannot survive without help on the ship. In a tank in Sickbay, they wait while McCoy tries to figure out how to reverse the change...

The Best Sound in the Universe
TOS, NC-17, McCoy/Barrows PWP. McCoy loves to hear Tonia's moans of pleasure.

Tastes Like Chicken
ENT, R, T'Pol/Sato drabble. A Vulcan attempts to talk "naughty" in bed.

Sign on the Broken Line
TOS, R, Kirk/McCoy drabble, angst. What's it like to have an obsessive crush on your straight friend?

Snuggle in a Snowdrift
TOS, NC-17, Kirk/Spock. In the middle of winter, Kirk and Spock wake up and engage in sugary flirting before making love in a huge featherbed.

Lost and Found
TOS, R, Kirk/Saavik, Kirk/Spock implied. Saavik appears at Kirk's cabin after Spock's death with a startling revelation.

One Size Fits All
TNG, R, humor, Riker/Troi and some original characters. Captain Riker buys his wife a birthday present that proves to have some unexpected benefits.

Shining Strands
TOS, R, Sulu/Rand. Sulu waxes poetic about the woman he loves as she prepares to leave the Enterprise to return to Earth for officer training.

My Nerys
DS9, R, Kira/Odo PWP-vignette. Lovemaking is a little different in the Kira household.

Liquid of Life
TOS, NC-17, Kirk/Spock PWP. What shall Kirk and Spock do while stuck in a hotel room on a rainy day in Florida? Hmmm....

Semen-chanted Evening
TOS, R. Kirk/Spock. Kirk plays chemistry-set with Spock's semen.

TOS, R. Kirk/Spock. Kirk hates the new Starfleet-issue alarm clock, so Spock has to think of another way to wake him up in the morning.

Underwater Basketweaving
TNG/TOS, R. Troi/Rand, Riker/Troi implied. Troi visits the holodeck to get her hair done and her rocks off.

Jetstream Daydream
TOS, NC-17, PWP, Uhura/male, Kirk/Spock/McCoy, Sulu/Rand implied. Naughty Uhura makes good use of a stream jet in a hot tub. Written for the UhuraFest.

Jim in Jeans
TOS, NC-17, PWP, Kirk/Spock. Spock teases Jim on the bridge with silent, telepathic fantasies.

Coitus Titanus
TNG, NC-17, PWP, Riker/Troi. Frivolous marital smut in Riker's ready room after he marries Deanna Troi and takes command of the Titan.

The Doll
TOS, R, Chapel/Andrea (from "What Are Little Girls Made Of?") S/Ch and K/S implied. Chapel inherits a backup version of her late fiance's android geisha. Part of the ChapelFest.

Spooging on Captain Kirk
TOS & a little DS9, NC-17 for the most part. A Kirk/Spock and Kirk/everyone imaginable series of drabbles parodying Lyrastar's vastly popular Kissing Captain Kirk series. Believe it or not, there are some het pairings in here ~_^

Rose Hips and Vulcan Lips
TOS, NC-17, PWP, Kirk/Spock. Spock gets cold while visiting Jim's mom during an Iowa winter, and the two men take a shower together. Marital smut.

TOS, NC-17, PWP, Kirk/Spock from the SAC2003. Starfleet's star couple expresses their affection on the express... fun with shuttlecar blackouts ~_^

Do I Look Fat to You?
TOS, NC-17, Kirk/Spock. Kirk's not fat, he's just cuddly, right? Some people wanted to code this story Spock/Kirk's tummy...

Pieces of Night
TOS, R, Saavik, Spock/David Marcus, Kirk/Spock implied. Saavik, exhausted after Genesis, cannot leave the planet in her nightmares. Sort-of prequel to Lessons in Infinite Diversity

Everybody Loves Lesbians
TOS, NC-17, Kirk/Spock, Chapel/Leila Kalomi. Spock doesn't understand the logic of Kirk's enjoyment of lesbian porn, so Kirk tries to pique his interest with a shared fantasy about two blondes Spock has been with in the past.

TOS, NC-17, Kirk/Spock PWP. Admiral Kirk learns from a scientific journal that male Vulcans can suck themselves off, and wheedles Spock into letting him watch. Ever wanted to see snowballing while melded?

Fuel Enough for Eight
TOS, NC-17, Chapel/Rand. Silly Chanukah femmeslash--how many orgasms can a lesbian couple have in one night?

DS9, NC-17, Kira/Jadzia Dax, Kirk/Spock and McCoy/Emony Dax implied. Major Kira and Jadzia go skinny-dipping in the holosuite.

Prizes and Incentives
TOS-MU, NC-17, Sarek/Saavik/Spock, Kirk/Spock implied. In order to make his father believe that his relationship with Captain Kirk has been discontinued, Spock must pass Saavik off as his concubine. Sequel to Manipulation.

Playtime in Alberta
TOS, NC-17, (Kirk/Spock)/Chapel PWP. Christine joins Kirk and Spock on a vacation in the mountains. Angst-free!

Practicum in Tandem
TOS, NC-17 for the f/f, novella-length. Saavik/T'Amaya (f/f), (Kirk/Spock)&McCoy. The road to Saavik and T'Amaya's bonding ceremony is fraught with perils only Star Trek can truly provide. Part three of the Lessons in Infinite Diversity trilogy.

TOS, NC-17, Kirk/Spock PWP. In the afterlife, angels Kirk and Spock decide to have sex inside the sun. Light bondage, but no S&M.

Blue-eyed Satyrs
TOS, NC-17, McCoy/Saavik. Saavik keeps getting bouts of pon farr in the middle of class... how inconvenient!

TOS-MU, NC-17, Sarek/Saavik PWP, Kirk/Spock implied. Spock leaves the newfound youngster under his wing with his father for an afternoon.

Raunchy Limericks (R-rated):
Eight Times the Fun (Kirk/other)
Sucks to be an Ensign (Chekov/m)
NonKhanSensual (McCoy/Khan--from the KhanFest)
Spirky Cumshot (Kirk/Spock) ~This one's NC-17~
Good Times (Sulu/Rand)
Compatibility (Kirk/Spock)
Where No Man Has Gone (Kirk, Dr. Piper/f) only PG-13 but still raunchy!
Choices (McCoy/Chapel, McCoy/Barrows)

The Right Answer
pre-TOS, R, Spock/science console. Spock can't seem to find a partner he feels comfortable with.

Georgia Blue Moon
TOS, R, McCoy/Sarek. PWP in the form of a sonnet.

TOS, NC-17, Sarek/Chapel, Sarek/Amanda and Spock/m implied. Ambassador Sarek comes to Chapel while she's studying medicine on Vulcan wanting to know more about Spock's flight to Gol.

Deanna's Decadent Dip
TNG, NC-17, Troi/Q, Picard/Q implied. Q turns Troi's bathwater into chocolate, and things go from there.

Eat Your Vegetables
TOS, R, Kirk/Spock. Food flirtation in a New York deli.

TOS, NC-17, Kirk/Spock PWP. Conjugal adventures before bedtime.

The Tickle Game
TOS, R, Uhura/Chekov. Chekov has had a long crazy day, and Uhura suggests a fun bedroom game.

Out of Uniform
TOS, NC-17, Kirk/Spock PWP. Circa 2288, Kirk and Spock enjoy each other's company in a storage compartment.

Lunch Break
TOS, NC-17, McCoy/Barrows (his little girlfriend from 'Shore Leave'). PWP involving sex in Sickbay during the lunch hour.

Eternity's First Frolic
TOS/DS9, NC-17, Spock/Jadzia, Kirk/Spock and Jadzia/Worf implied. Spock and Jadzia go to heaven at exactly the same time and make love as angels.

Farr Flung
TOS, R, Kirk/Spock. At the end of Voyage Home, Spock is 56... which is divisible by seven, isn't it? ;-) Oh, and I hate telemarketers.

The Subconscious Has a Logic All Its Own
TOS, R, Kirk/Spock. What if Jim had been able to save Spock by making love to him in the reactor room....

Flower Power
TOS, NC-17, humor, Uhura/Chekov and Kirk/Spock. While the crew is on shore leave at an alien version of Mardi Gras, Uhura, Chekov, and Sulu are amused by their commanding officers' romance.... until their own antics accidentally threaten to ruin the entire evening for all!

TOS, R, Kirk/Spock. While slating his Pon Farr on his willing captain, Spock speaks in Vulcan. What is he saying?

Captain Curve
TOS, NC-17, humor, Kirk/Spock, Q. A certain entity decides to take bizzare measures to ensure that Kirk and Spock get together.

One Lonely Evening Online
TOS, mild R, Kirk/Spock. Spock goes into a chat room and gets some advice from The Simpsons's Waylon Smithers about his crush-from-afar.

Green Heart
TOS, NC-17, Kirk/Spock. Kirk reminiscing about the events after "Amok Time" that brought him and Spock together.

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