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Sign up to write! Round 2 deadline is March 1, 2005

Members of the Yahoo group will be assigned a scenario at random from the scenarios list. You may write any pairing or rating you choose; scenarios are constructed to give the author freedom to express and enjoy themselves ^_^ All ratings and pairings are allowed--this means that both heterosexual and lesbian fiction is permitted, although I doubt we'll get much femslash. All stories must be posted to the Yahoo group and clearly labeled for pairings and rating so that other participants will be able to find or avoid things they do or do not like to read. Also, please read the rules.

~ Christine recieves a gift she doesn't want and can't use--or can she?
~ As a result of contact with an alien or alien substance, Christine becomes temporarily telepathic
~ Christine is interviewed about her time on the Enterprise while in medical school before TMP
~ Christine's thoughts and adventures during the megastorm in Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home
~ Christine is on a date and gets interrupted by her medical duties
~ What's Christine up to on the "Shore Leave" planet?
~ Christine deals with the events of "Plato's Stepchildren". Note: This doesn't have to be S/Ch.
~ Christine or Spock accidentally see something in the other's mind they weren't supposed to while sharing a brain in "Return to Tomorrow". Does not have to be S/Ch.
~ Young Saavik comes to Christine asking for advice.
~ Someone on the Enterprise is dating someone Christine knew from her youth, and she has to warn her crewmate that person is "trouble"
~ An omnipotent being grants Christine three wishes, but as we know, Star Trek omnipotent beings tend to be rather mischevious...
~ What makes Christine decide to go to medical school after TMP?
~ Christine's reaction to a crewmates' death. Can be canon, like Kirk or Spock, or a patient or something.
~ Christine and a partner play matchmaker for two other crewmembers/people/beings.
~ Christine and someone she's in a fight with get lost in a forest/desert/someplace and have to make their way alone together until they can contact the Enterprise.
~ What made Christine first want to become a nurse? Can be told as a flashback, if you want.
~ Christine has to explain the facts of life to a young being; this would be amusing if the being wasn't human.
~ Christine and someone of your choice switch bodies accidentally in a transporter accident (or glitch of your choice)

~ Stories must be beta-read/proofread
~ Listmembers shall not badger other members for choice of pairing

~ Stories must focus on Christine Chapel
~ Stories can be set any time in the Star Trek universe (tv show OR movies)
~ Poetry is allowed. So are filks.
~ NC-17 and kinky fiction is allowed if labeled; underage sex is not.
~ F/F stuff is allowed; so is m/m in the background, but the focus must be on Christine
~ If story is posted to
ASCEM, label "ChFF" so we can make it into the awards ^_^
~ On ASC*, proper coding for Chapel is Ch, not C. S/C is Spock/Chekov! o_O
~ Alternative universe, crossovers, and Mirror Universe settings are allowed.
~ Other Majel characters (ex. M'Ress) are permitted, but the focus must be on Christine.

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