Christine Chapel Fanfiction Festival

Round 2


Urges, by Djinn
R, K/Ch. A routine landing party leads to some strange behavior.

And V'ger Makes Four, by Djinn
R, K/S/Ch. The threesome take on Star Trek: The Motion Picture. This follows on the heels of "Man and Man and Wife."

Round 1


Unsteady Gravity, by Acidqueen
Secrets, K/Ch by Acidqueen


The Doll, by Farfalla
R-rated, f/f. Chapel/Andrea (S/Ch and K/S implied.) To her dismay, Chapel inherits a backup copy of Roger Korby's sexy android.

We Regret..., by Cherpring
PG, S/Ch implied.

Twisted, by Djinn
Warped, by Djinn

Terran Female, by JM Lane

Just for a Moment, by Cait N.
S/Ch, R, sniffly

Eyes of the Soul, by Bert (T'Vera)
NC-17, Mc/Ch PWP

Ice Cream, by Gueniver
PG, Ch/f (pairing hidden.... spoiler!)

Man and Man and Wife, by Djinn
R, K/S/Ch. "Our intrepid threesome explores a new frontier: getting married."

We Reach, by Lyrastar
NC-17, Ch/m, S/Ch. Warning: Gets a little rough in parts.

Nurse, by Djinn
Doctor, by Djinn
R, K/Ch.
Scientist, by Djinn
K/Ch, PG-13
Commander, by Djinn
K/Ch, R
Revenant, by Djinn
K/Ch, R
Beloved, by Djinn
Optional K/S/Ch sequel, R. This is a short sequel to "Revenant". But you don't have to have read the Occupations Series to get this. And really, this isn't in the same tense or the same tone or with the same POV character, so maybe it's better if you haven't read it? Suffice it to say, Kirk and Chapel are dead and living happily together when the story begins. This is for those who like their romances in threes.

Rightness, by DebbieB
PG-13. Chapel/Rand. Two bit players become the stars of their own life stories.

Breaking the Spell, by Acidqueen
PG-13, Mc/Ch.

Love Me Forever, by Kat Weaving
PG, S/Ch (and a hint of Pike/#1)

Angels of the Epidemic by Ster Julie
PG, U, Ch, and the rest of the cast

Joy Heals, by Saavant
PG-13, angst: Chapel, Saavik, S/Saa, Saa/m (David)

Choices, by Farfalla
R, naughty limerick, Mc/Ch and Mc/Tonia Barrows.

Transition, by Farfalla
G, angst, warning for curveballs. Mc/Ch, K/S implied (and unrequited S/Ch)

Post Traumatic Stress Desire, by Djinn
Chicken Soup for the Gonads, by Djinn
R, K/Ch. A sequel to "Post-Traumatic Stress Desire." This one is slightly less serious.

Disinheriting the Meek, by Djinn
R, S/Ch. Sometimes life isn't a fairy tale, and the meek don't inherit the earth. What happens then?

Waltz, by Hypatia Kosh
K&Ch, K/S implied. Chapel makes a new old friend.

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