Title: Why Troi's Glad She Married Riker, Not Worf
Author: Farfalla the Butterfly-Kitten
Email: blueberrysnail (at) yahoo dot com
Codes: R/T, W/T, humor
Rating: R
Beta: Mina Vantolak
Summary: Well, there had to be a reason, right? ~_^ My apologies to Klingon fans out there. I'm just playing.

She got tired of explaining that she wasn't dating a fishing pier.

She never really liked chocolate-covered gagh anyway.

"Today" may have been "a good day to die", but "Tonight" was never "a good night for eating pussy".

Riker was never so unkind as to eat her when she was a cake in Data's nightmare.

Riker never wears a crossbow in bed.

Fondling head-bumpie gets old after a while.

She heard some kind of ugly rumor on ASCEM about Worf "hanging around" with Wesley Crusher, if you know what I mean.

Some things really are worse than the trombone! ~_^

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