Lt. Uhura Fic/Art Challenges

Pairing Ideas and Plotbunnies

  • Uhura/Mirror Sulu (or Mirror Uhura/Mirror Sulu)
  • Kirk/Uhura
  • Spock/Uhura ("Tell me how Vulcan looks in the moonlight, Mr. Spock...")
  • Kirk/Spock/Uhura (based on established K/S or any other combination is okay)
  • Uhura/Chekov Inspiration!
  • Scotty/Uhura (Star Trek V, anyone?)
  • Uhura/Sulu ("I will protect you, fair maiden!" "Sorry, neither.")
  • Uhura/Sulu/Chekov (based on established Su/C or any other combination is okay)
  • Uhura/Chapel (Hey, maybe "Plato's Stepchildren" could have gone differently...)
  • Uhura/Rand
  • Uhura/M'Ress
  • Uhura/Saavik
  • Uhura/Sarek (what's she up to in Star Trek III while everyone else is busy rescuing Spock and Saavik?)
  • Uhura/The Salt Monster from "Man Trap" disguised as the African crewman
  • McCoy/Uhura (hey, be creative.)
  • Uhura/Mr Adventure (from Star Trek III)
  • Uhura/Tribble(s)
  • Uhura/Q
  • Uhura/Jadzia Dax (During the Tribble episode?)

    Challenge ideas

  • Art: Uhura in a bathing suit
  • Art: Uhura playing with a kitten, or more than one kitten (or puppies)
  • Uhura treats herself to a bubble bath (fic or art)
  • Kirk teaches Uhura how to ride a horse
  • Chekov takes Uhura to Russia and shows her around
  • A/U with Uhura as African queen (and the other character could be an explorer?)
  • Uhura/Chekov h/c set during The Wrath of Khan after he recovers from being ear-slugged
  • Spock has Pon Farr
  • Saavik has Pon Farr!
  • K/S/U based on a Pon Farr scenario in which Kirk and Spock are in love, but Spock needs a female
  • Uhura as a model
  • Uhura gets captured by Klingons

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