Title: Underwater
Author: Farfalla the Butterfly-Kitten
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Website: www.cosmicduckling.com
Betas: Hypatia, Katrine, and Chris--thanks infintely :-)
Series: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (slight crossover with TOS)
Pairings: Kira/Jadzia Dax (Kirk/Spock and McCoy/Emony Dax implied)
Rating: NC-17, PWP
Disclaimer: The entire Trek universe belongs to Paramount and will not suffer much from the poking and prodding of our curious collective imaginations. We mean our beloved characters no harm and think that quite possibly they enjoy the variety ;-)
Written for the Slash Advent Calendar of 2003
Summary: Even in the 24th century, there are slash fans.


"Jadzia, this is gorgeous," Major Kira murmured with appreciation, her arms wafting out to her sides to float on the placid surface of the holosuite lake. She took a few lazy steps through the water, reveling in its cool viscosity. "And this is a real place?"

"Mm-hmm," Jadzia said, nodding. "It's on Earth, in a place called Georgia. Unicoi Lake. Emony used to live there."

"Are those mountains authentic too?" Kira gestured in front of her at the hills framing the lake, flinging stray droplets across the surface of the water. They made little circles when they landed. "They remind me of the Janitza mountains on Bajor. But this is more peaceful."

"I don't come here very much," said Jadzia. "Emony fell in love here, and I have to be in the right mood or else I feel--lonely."

"I'm glad you're in the right mood," said Kira. "I'm enjoying this swim. It's nice to relax." Not only were they finally off-duty, but it was also nice to be out of their uniforms for a bit. The water lapped gently at their unclothed skin.

"Lake water is the best. No salt, no chlorine..." Jadzia paddled around happily, then dove under the water for a moment. Beneath the surface, with her eyes closed, she added silently to herself, "And I'm glad *you're* finally in the right mood." It had taken her days of wheedling and logical arguments to convince the reluctant Bajoran to go skinny-dipping with her, but now that she was here she looked like she was ready to enjoy it to the fullest. "...And it's pure!" Jadzia asserted out loud as she emerged, her skin glistening.

"Reminds me of a lake that was polluted when the Cardassians started strip mining," Kira commented. Before Jadzia could reply, Kira dove under the water.

Jadzia wiped water out of her eyes while she waited for Kira to resurface. The reflection of holographic river-birch and red maple trees danced in golden patterns on the water, and a blue-jay screeched somewhere. It was all so tantalizingly exotic and yet nostalgic. She remembered Emony's romance with a certain young Leonard McCoy, here on these grassy shores of north Georgia.

Her reverie was interrupted by Kira's head splashing out of the water next to her. She jumped a little, then laughed.

"Nice program," The Major grinned from her dip.


Kira shook her head a little and squeezed some excess water out of her hair. "Jadzia, I was wondering--who was Captain Kirk?"

"Captain Kirk?" Jadzia repeated, a little surprised. "Captain James T. Kirk? He was a big Starfleet hero during the 23rd century--captain of the first two Starship Enterprises. He saved the planet Earth a couple of times. With the help of his crew, I mean."

"Sounds like he kept himself busy."

"Computer, project image of Captain Kirk onto the shore," Jadzia announced. Within moments, an attractive, golden-haired figure had appeared motionless on the land beside the lake, a man in the Starfleet uniform of the late 23rd century.

"Nice," breathed Kira, absorbing the pleasing sight.

Jadzia watched her friend enjoying the hologram with amusement. "Why did you ask?"

"My counterpart in the Mirror Universe mentioned him," Kira explained. "The original Enterprise was Ambassador Spock's ship, wasn't it?"

"Spock served on the first two Enterprises and was actually captain of the first one for a short period." Jadzia stretched out her arms lazily and started treading water to keep her blood moving.

"So Kirk was his commanding officer, then."

"And his husband," Jadzia added, smirking a little.

Kira's mouth dropped open slightly. "Him--and Spock?"

"Spock wasn't always two hundred years old and covered with wrinkles," Jadzia reminded her.

"Is he really that old?"

"Well, not quite. I was exaggerating." Jadzia wiped wet hair out of her face. "He actually was ~quite~ attractive when he was a younger man."

"Really?" asked Kira with interest.

"Computer, project image of Commander Spock onto the shore alongside Captain Kirk," the Trill commanded.

A young adult Vulcan appeared next to the image of his friend, his hands folded behind his back. "Okay, I see it now," Kira admitted. "Wow, they do make a handsome couple."

"See?" Seeing Kira's face lit up and relaxed was making Jadzia very happy. Kira worked hard to ensure that Bajor's interests were fairly considered by the Federation, and she often forgot to give herself enough down-time.

"I want to see what they look like closer together," said Kira. She looked at Dax inquiringly.

"Go ahead," said Jadzia reassuringly, with one hand on the wet, pliant skin of Kira's shoulder.

"Are you sure?" Their eyes met, and Kira started to giggle.

Jadzia smiled and arched an eyebrow. "I'm curious too."

"Computer, put the men on the shore in an intimate position," said Kira.

The holographic officers approached each other with dignified grace. Kirk took Spock's hand and pulled his body into an embrace. As they began to kiss, Kira sank down into the water. Only her head stuck out above the surface, and her eyes glittered with fascination.

Behind her, she heard Jadzia giggling softly. "I like it."

"So do I," Kira agreed. "Ohh!" Then she shot a quick glance at Jadzia. "This is making me wish I were back in my quarters." She grinned sheepishly.

Jadzia's eyes swept over the Bajoran knowingly. "Why not here?"

Kira opened her mouth and shut it again quickly, thinking. Well, true to the original, the holographic water was dark with tannins from the trees on the shore, adding a certain discretion to the act. She looked at Jadzia, who smiled back at her invitingly. "All right," she said, finally, conceding to her needs.

Both women swam to the edge of the lake, where Kira could rest against algae-covered rocks as she pleasured herself underwater. Her fingers worked their way between her labia and found her most sensitive spot, and she pressed it rhythmically. She leaned her head back against the rock and gazed lazily at the kissing holograms, her eyelids going slack.

Jadzia was watching them too, but snuck glances at her masturbating friend. Kira's big, beautiful eyes disappeared every now and again under eyelashes fluttering in passion, and her lips hung open, starting to breathe heavily. The water level near the rocks floated near breast-level, the surface breaking at the center of Kira's breasts. Her nipples hardened at the water's caress.

This was far more enthralling than holographic gay men. Jadzia focused her attention on Kira, thinking to herself how much the Bajoran had changed since their first meeting. Kira was calmer now, and more mature, making her a more effective representative of her people. She wasn't still fighting the war against the Cardassians with every breath, and was allowing herself to relax. And what a splendid sight it was, Major Kira Nerys--"relaxing"--like this.

Kira, carried away a little, let out small cry.

If Jadzia had thought that watching Kira masturbate was hot before, now it was scorching. The inch-long anenome-like stubs surrounding Jadzia's vaginal opening swelled erect and waved around in the water, seeking touch. She obliged them with a casual dip of her hand, rubbing the delicate tissues as Kira gasped and moaned.

"Think about those men on the beach, stripping off each other's uniforms, kissing and touching each other everywhere," Jadzia purred.

"Ooo," Kira murmured, turning her head. Her eyes met Jadzia's, and she grinned. "Yeah, and what else?"

"I bet Spock can take him completely into his mouth," Jadzia goaded. "With that Vulcan control of theirs."

"Oh yeah!" Kira groaned, her hands moving faster between her legs. But she didn't take her eyes off Jadzia.

The Trill swam to Kira's side, summoned by those big eyes. "He'd touch him like this," she said, running the fingernails of one hand lightly across Kira's neck and down to her shoulder.

"That tickles," Kira murmured, "but... don't stop..."

"Then maybe he'd do this," Jadzia continued, bending down to replace the trail of her fingers with her lips. She nibbled with little bites across Kira's skin, soft and wet with lake water. Kira started to pant heavily, and water rolled around in waves as her hips bucked. Jadzia was floating so close that one or two of her little nether feelers brushed against Kira's thigh, and Jadzia couldn't help but moan.

"What are those?" Kira asked in the whisper that was all she could manage at the moment.

Jadzia didn't say anything, but took the other woman's free hand and guided it between her own legs. Kira's fingers mixed adventuresomly with the waving feelers, excalating Jadzia's pleasure with each touch. In return, Jadzia began to paint her hand across Kira's left breast, stroking her nipple.

Jadzia rested her head close to Kira's, her mouth near Kira's ear. The sounds of the Trill-woman growling into her ear, the delightful sensation of Jadzia's fingers on her breast, and the exotic feeling of fondling alien naughty bits sent Kira into a gasping orgasm. She cupped her vulva as she came, pressing inward to coax it to last as long as possible.

Suddenly, she had another idea. Removing her hand from her twitching pussy, she told Jadzia, "Fingers. I want you inside."

Jadzia shifted positions and groped her way between Kira's thighs with one hand. Wasting as little time as possible, she found the entrance and slid two fingers in quickly. Kira moaned.

Jadzia felt Kira's inner walls squeeze her fingers as the waves of orgasm crashed and abated. When Kira had calmed down, she was able to concentrate more fully on pleasuring Jadzia. With the other woman's fingers still inside her body, filling her just enough, she began twirling her own fingers around the little stubby tentacles in earnest.

Jadzia grunted, and tried to thrust into Kira's hand. The water made it hard to balance, but they soon figured it out. Kira craned her neck down to reach Jadzia's breast with her mouth. She sucked one nipple gently, and teased it with a quick tongue. "Yes... yesyesyesyes... *Oh* yes...." Jadzia threw her head back as she neared climax.

The delicate, inch-long feelers suddenly tightened up around Kira's fingers and held them still, as Jadzia exploded with a wanton cry. Kira caught her as she splashed back down into the water, and held her slippery body close. They were both breathing very heavily.

When they could speak again, they both spoke at once, before stopping with breathless laughter.

"I liked this."

"We should do this again."

They both paused. "Yeah, we should definitely spend some more time together in the holosuite," Kira agreed.

"Aren't you glad you asked who Kirk was?" Jadzia asked brightly.

"Yes, I've had a most--educational--time," smirked Kira, remembering the feeling of Jadzia's feelers closing around her hand in orgasm.

Both women looked to the shore, where the holographic Kirk and Spock were still kissing as if time had stopped--the computer, of course, never having been told to shut them off.

"Somehow I have a feeling that our little adventure just now taught you more about James T. Kirk than his Starfleet record ever would," said Jadzia, smiling.

They shared a few pleasant moments in each other's arms. Then Kira said, "We better get back, or Quark will charge us overtime." They started to wade towards the shore, and Quark's bar. "And we need to put them away," Kira added, cocking her head at the kissing holograms.

"Why don't we just leave them here like this?" Jadzia batted her eyelashes. "I think Bashir and O'Brien are in here next."


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