The Warm, Wet Center of the Universe

Sulu/Rand double drabble by Farfalla; rated R
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"I used to want to be a world-famous fencing instructor when I grew up," Sulu remarked.

Rand stretched her limbs in all directions, then flopped back down on top of him like a limp marionette. "Well, I'm glad you didn't, because then I would never have met you."

"Mm," Sulu observed solemnly. "So that's the reason I went into space."

"The world couldn't possibly revolve around me that way," Janice answered, toying with his ear. "For one thing, I don't weigh enough. And don't you contradict me, either!"

Sulu chuckled. "You would if you were made out of neutronium!"

"Do you like girls made out of neutronium?" Janice purred theatrically.

"They kinda... suck me in."

Janice wriggled and shifted position slightly. Ah. Better. Mm! "I could use a little something... inside."

"I'm going to probe your event horizon." Sulu's hands went 'round her waist and helped align their interesting parts. "No turning back now!"

Sulu opened his fly. Rand pushed aside the crotch of her panties. (Starfleet issue thigh-highs could be a girl's best friend sometimes...)

"Who knows," Sulu grunted as he she eased herself down upon him. "Maybe I'm still a fencing instructor--*thrust!!*"